Amy Myers Jaffe Disses Oil, Gas, and Houston

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- March 31, 2022 4 Comments

“Amy Meyers Jaffe, Chris Tomlinson, Jeffrey Sachs–so confident, so angry, so wrong about energy. In psychological terms, they are in denial about climate exaggeration and the verdict from energy density for consumer wants and necessities.”

“Other (pre-Jaffe) ‘Kodak Moments’ dissing fossil fuels have been published in 2015 here; 2016 here; 2018 here; 2019 here and here; and 2021 here. Idea plagiarism?”

CERAWeek 2022 was a rude comeuppance for the hyper-critics [haters?] of oil and gas, who found themselves marginalized not only by world events but also by the Biden Administration itself. Drill, baby, drill was the word from DOE’s First Lady. [1] But Houston Chronicle business editorialist Chris Tomlinson had to get his punches in, embarrassingly so given his strong emotions and elephantine conflict of interest.…

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‘Climate Alarmism and Corporate Responsibility’ (2000 essay for today)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- March 11, 2022 No Comments

“Corporate policy makers entering the fray should be guided by two principles…. First, mandatory GHG programs should be rejected in favor of voluntary approaches….  Second, voluntary actions by corporations should not go beyond win-win ‘no regrets’ initiatives. Control practices that are uneconomic penalize either consumers or stockholders and politicize the issue of corporate responsibility.”

– Robert Bradley, “Climate Alarmism and Corporate Responsibility.” Electricity Journal, August/September 2000.

It was called corporate social responsibility (CSR). Today, it has morphed into Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG).

Upon the election of Donald Trump, the environmental Left redoubled its effort to politicize business on the climate issue. The subtitle to an early 2017 article in Yale Climate Connections, for example, “Business Leadership on Climate Seen as Key,” read: “With expectations of a much lower federal leadership role on controlling carbon emissions, key sectors of business community seen by some as maintaining momentum.”…

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The Institute for Energy Research: Becoming a Full Time Organization (Part III)

By -- October 5, 2021 No Comments

Ed. note: The third part in this series covers IER as a full-time organization, which occurred in 2002, some 13 years after its founding (in 1989). Part I covered the history of the Institute for Humane Studies–Texas, the forerunner to IER. Part II reviewed the formation and early history of IER in Houston, Texas.


Q1. Roger Donway: The last interview explained your dual life as a full-time employee of Enron Corp. and the president of the “think bucket” IER. How did IER emerge full time?

A1. Robert Bradley Jr.: My Enron life ended a day after the company declared bankruptcy on Sunday December 1, 2001. I was part of the mass layoff the next day. Some 4,000 of us were let go where we were told to clear out our desks and leave.

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“Energy Facism” (Rothbard 1974 speaks to us today)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- August 16, 2021 No Comments

“When the black day of August 15, 1971 arrived, we free-market economists predicted that shortages of all sorts of products would result from the price control…. On the day of the freeze, everything seem[ed] to be functioning smoothly, and so the general mood [was] one of euphoric success.”

“When Tricky Dick imposed Phase I in August, 1971, price inflation was proceeding at something like a rate of 4% per year. Now, after 4 1/2 ‘phases’ of varying degrees of price dictation, and continued monetary inflation by the government, we are suffering a price inflation rate of something like 10% per year.”

August 15, 1971, was the day that President Richard Nixon shocked the country, and indeed the world, with a price control order. Everything—all goods and services, as well as wages and interest rates—were frozen for 90 days.…

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Denton, TX: Grid Reliability Sinks Renewables

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ERCOT’s SNAFU: $16 Billion? $30 Billion? (perils of central planning)

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President’s Day: Best and Worst, Energy-wise

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Jimmy Carter Was Right?

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California’s Energy Vampire: Solar at Night (Silverstein misleads in Forbes)

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Endorsing Donald Trump for Re-election (American Energy Alliance on the record)

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