“Green” Weaponization in Missouri: Ameren vs. Ratepayers, Taxpayers

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“Ameren Corporation claims, putting in SO2 scrubbers would cost more than securitizing Rush Island’s ‘stranded assets.’ However, Ameren is avoiding what it would fully cost to replace Rush Island’s critically needed and reliable capacity.”

Thomas Jefferson wrote in Volume 4 of  Notes on Virginia:  “With money we will get men, said Cæsar, and with men we will get money.”[1]

Such threats to keeping our constitutional republic are increasingly evident with the weaponization of many Federal Agencies (e.g., the Department of Justice, FBI, etc.), as well as numerous Biden Executive Orders for federal agencies to fight the “existential” threat of anthropogenic global warming (AGW).

These threats, coupled with the plague of “woke” political agendas promoting “Environmental, Social, and Governance” (ESG) and/or “Diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI), are forcibly reaching leading “investment management” firms (e.g.,…

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“Wartime” Climate Policy vs. Natural Gas: Biden Gets Desperate

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“While gas appliances may presently be losing some market share to electricity due to Green New Deal discrimination, there are also increasing indications that the public is both weary and wary of such ‘watermelon’ policies. It’s not about saving the planet from the ravages of fossil fuels; it’s about enslaving the planet by banning fossil fuels.”

Yes, the President of the United States has pulled out a Korean War authority (Defense Production Act) to fight against American energy that Americans prefer. It is an overreach that is being noted widely, as outlined below as well as here and here.

The American Gas Association (AGA) started this latest flurry with a press release November 17, 2023. The same day, Reuters and Fox News published their articles. Epoch Times published its article (and video) on November 20, 2023.…

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Arctic Grift: Alaska Energy Policy Goes Biden

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“Why is a conservative pro-development governor pushing for policies that are counterproductive to natural resource development?”

“The Alaska Energy Security Task Force report does not mention maximizing the use of the abundant energy sources we have in our state today, such as coal, in-state refining, or the incentivization of production in the Cook Inlet where, according to the USGS, we are not in a natural gas shortage situation.”

Alaska grift is reaching new levels to comport with the Inflation Reduction Act (aka Green New Deal). Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy, all-in with Green Globalism, has appointed a energy security task force of cronies who lack real experience in or affinity with the state’s oil and gas sector. Instead of inciting investment in Alaska’s prolific resource base, Biden’s obstruction and subsidy bribery will risk making the state a federal enclave, with its top import being federal dollars.…

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Energy and Environmental Review: October 23, 2023

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Ed. Note: This post excerpts energy and climate material from the Media Balance Newsletter, a free fortnighly published by physicist John Droz Jr., founder of the Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions. The complete Newsletter for this post can be found here.

Unreliables (General):
*** Michael Bloomberg’s $1 Billion Assault on The Electric Grid
Solar, wind developers rebuffed in NY
The myth of affordable green energy is over

Wind Energy — Offshore:
Offshore Wind is an Economic and Environmental Catastrophe
How’s That Offshore Project Going, Man
NY delivers crippling blow to green energy development, jeopardizing Biden’s climate goals
Biden admin hit with lawsuit over offshore wind plans as locals rise up

Wind Energy — Other:
*** Taking the Wind Out of Climate Change (referencing 60± studies)

Solar Energy:
‘Europe isn’t profitable’ – Solar industry warns of hurdles to EU’s green tech drive

Fossil Fuel Energy:
*** The Nations that Dominate the Global Economy
*** AAF on US Drained Petroleum Reserve
*** Drill, Baby, Drill
*** EIA: Global fossil fuel use and CO2 emissions to rise through 2050 
Imagine No Jets, Ships, Defense, or Space Program

Electric Vehicles (EVs):
*** China’s graphite curbs send green warning shot
*** EV Battery Factory Will Require So Much Energy It Needs a Coal Plant to Power It
Electric cars risk becoming uninsurable

Miscellaneous Energy:
*** Powering The Unplugged
*** How the Inflation Reduction Act Bankrolls EPA Overreach
The heat-pump nightmare is far from over
Green Hydrogen Needs Vast Subsidies 
Critics Assail Biden’s ‘War on American Energy’ on National Energy Appreciation Day 

Manmade Global Warming — Some Deceptions:
*** No Way, Norway
Era of ‘Unquestioned and Unchallenged’ Climate Change Claims Is Over
How Groupthink, Misinformation, and Lack of Self-Correction Undermined Climate Science
Is New York Times Senior Writer David Leonhardt Lying, Lazy, or Just Stupid?

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Green Hydrogen Needs Vast Subsidies

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Update: DOE Appliance Minimum Efficiency Standards

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Save Our Cars! (Grassroots pushback against mandated EVs)

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A 10 Percent ‘Community Solar’ Discount? Think Again!

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Electricity Statism and Misdirection: Introducing Doug Lewin’s “Texas Energy and Power Newsletter” (well-funded propaganda)

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DOE vs. Gas Cooking: A Review of Critical Comments

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