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Net Metering Rethink: Rooftop Solar in Trouble (a hidden subsidy in addition to ITC)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- January 5, 2022

“Since rooftop solar customers pay less on their utility bills, they end up contributing less toward maintaining the grid, which they still use. That has meant the cost burden was shifted to those without rooftop solar, and often those who can’t afford it.” (Wall Street Journal, below)

“For rooftop solar companies, generous incentives were the training wheels that had to come off at some point.” (Wall Street Journal, below)

Solar as a grid source of electricity is uneconomic, from the rooftop to the large solar arrays. So various government interventions pushed by the solar lobby must come to the rescue.

Solar’s Investment Tax Credit (ITC) offers a dollar-for-dollar federal tax credit for 26 percent of the cost of installing solar. Enacted in 2006, it has been extended several times and continue through 2023.

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Plant Vogtle Went Backward in 2021 (can nuclear improve, become cost-effective)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- January 4, 2022

2021 was supposed to be the year of progress and a final close to the disasterous Plant Vogtle #3 and #4. But it was anything but with early 2022 looking like things have retrogressed.

Early in 2021, crews at Georgia Power’s nuclear expansion site at Plant Vogtle were struggling to find all the leaks in a pool built to hold spent, highly radioactive fuel. They added air pressure under the floor of the water-filled pool, hoping air bubbles would pinpoint flawed welds. It didn’t work. So an engineer doubled the air pressure.

The result: The pool’s steel floor plates were damaged, rendering them unusable. New ones had to be manufactured. The fixes and rechecks of the pool have taken nearly a year and cost millions of dollars. It’s been that kind of a year at Plant Vogtle.

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Chris Holmes & Enron Environmental Services (father of Theranos’ Elizabeth Holmes)

By Robert Bradley Jr. --

The Enron story has more twists and turns that a spy thriller. The company’s rise and fall was the corporate novel that Ayn Rand did not write–or need to write in retrospect.

Let history know that just-convicted Elizabeth Holmes, founder and CEO of defunct Theranos, is the daughter of a former Enron vice president, Christian Holmes, who peddled an environmental services product that never got off the ground.

Father and daughter … Enron and Theranos … imaging over reality. Whatever the level of connection, of causality, it happened. It is a footnote to history.

Elizabeth Holmes’s fraud was exposed by John Carreyrou reporter for the Wall Street Journal, who went on to author Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup. Regarding father Chris’s venture at Enron, I reprint my description from Enron Ascending: The Forgotten Years (2018).

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Energy and Environmental Review: January 3, 2022

By -- January 3, 2022
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“The Top 10 Under-reported Climate Flops of 2021” (Steve Milloy ready for 2022!)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- December 28, 2021
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Happy Holidays from MasterResource

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- December 23, 2021
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Happy Holidays from the NYT (‘Lightscape’ trumps climate alarmism)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- December 22, 2021
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Mega NO on Mega-Climate Policy from Joe Manchin (happier holidays!)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- December 21, 2021
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Energy and Environmental Review: December 20, 2021

By -- December 20, 2021
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‘The Tragi-comic Climate Doomsday Cult’ (Melanie Phillips on COP26)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- December 16, 2021
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