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More on the Unstimulating Stimulus

By Kenneth P. Green -- January 21, 2009

The Washington Post reports on a new CBO study looking at the proposed economic stimulus program. Not surprisingly, the study finds that the majority of the spending will not happen until after 2011, and even then, will phase in slowly thereafter.

“For example, of $30 billion in highway spending, less than $4 billion would occur over the next two years. Of $18.5 billion proposed for renewable energy, less than $3 billion would be spent by 2011. And of $14 billion for school construction, less than $7 billion would be spent in the first two years.”

Who’d have guessed…oh wait, nearly everyone would.

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  1. Richard W. Fulmer  

    There is no problem so vast or complex that it cannot be made infintely worse by an act of Congress.


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