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Happy Labor-Saving Day (as in modern energy)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- September 6, 2021
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One Comment for “Happy Labor-Saving Day (as in modern energy)”

  1. Sherri Lange  

    Thanks for this memory lane Labor Day post. Not so long ago, the amount of TIME and LABOR spent putting together meals, for one aspect of necessary life, was enormous, not leaving time for self development, gym exercise, walks in the park, quality time with children, reading, etc.

    I think we take for granted the amenities from modern energy, and this picture history could be used to show our children, grand children, how fortunate they are.

    Do we know what these are? cauldron, skillet, posnet, mechanical roasting jack, Domeires (early refrigeration using highly toxic gases), Miracle Mixer (see 1930s), DE (first toaster from GE), and so on. It’s more than interesting to search these out: it’s education about ENERGY.

    Great post, and thanks, Mr. Bradley


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