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U.S. Public Interest Groups Fighting Windpower

By Mary Kay Barton -- September 5, 2012

The grassroots rebellion against the government-created industrial wind industry grows apace. MasterResource has given voice to a number of us engaged in this volunteer ecological fight, to which we are grateful.

Industrial Wind Action Group keeps a list of U.S., Canadian, and European groups challenging local wind projects or the unholy alliance of Big Wind and Big Environmentalism.

For the U.S., I count 156 organizations in 29 states: Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii,  Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

A listing follows (and please add any groups missed in the comments section to this post):


  1. Frida Payle  

    National Wind Watch lists 210 organizations in 36 U.S. states/territories:



  2. Lisa Linowes  

    Mary Kay — thank you for your post. As I track wind energy development worldwide, we’re finding the list grows daily. The opposition is very organic, growing and merging as more people become connected by shared concerns. Also, not all opposition represents itself as formal groups or with a web presence so keeping track of the growth is difficult. But the list you’ve presented is enough to make the point with each group representing a few to many hundreds of individuals.


  3. Sherri Lange  

    Hi Mary Kay….well done, more sites to come. Please add IAM
    Mahalo from IAM founders, Halona Kaopuiki, Mike and Peggy Bond, Kanohowailuku Helm, and Cora Schnackenberg, Hawaii. Also please add the umbrella group NA-PAW, North American Platform Against Wind Power. Great initiative!


  4. Jon Boone  


    Soon this organization will post highly realistic simulations of what proposed wind projects will do to the small island of Molokai.


  5. Tom Stacy  

    Mary Kay,

    Thanks for your post. You bring to my attention that several Ohio groups have not listed with windaction or wind-watch. I will ask them to do so. These include at least two formal entities, Shelby Neighbors United (Shelby County, OH) and Auglaize Neighbors United (Auglaize County, Oh) and at least three informal groups – one in Van Wert County – now living in Ohio’s first and only operating wind plant, one in Richland and Crawford Counties, fighting an approved project which has not yet broken ground, and another group in Champaign County in addition to Union Neighbors United (Union Twp., Champaign County, OH) Also the Interstate Informed Citizens Coalition is based in Michigan, but has members in Ohio and possibly Indiana in addition to Michigan. Save Western Ohio has been de-listed as an organization by the secretary of state but will spring into action if a project surfaces in Logan County, OH.
    I work independently as “Tom Stacy, Ohioan for Affordable Electricity” but am a pretty active “group of one” and also consulting with several other groups in Ohio and surrounding states.

    One more I exists in NC that I know of which is not on your list.


  6. Tom Stacy  

    P.S. None of the Ohio groups are funded by any evil free-market winning company or its owners, but if you know of such companies funding research and educational work on wind, please send them my way! I’ll take anybody’s money but nobody else’s agenda!


  7. mkbarton  

    “I’ll take anybody’s money but nobody else’s agenda!”

    Right on, Tom!


  8. Tom Tanton  

    What an impressive and growing list of ground swell. Please add American Tradition Institute (ATI) to your list of allies.


  9. Al Isselhard  

    Please add these NYS organization opposed to wind:
    Great Lakes Concerned Citizens
    Great Lakes Wind Truth


  10. Tom Marks  

    add the Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council to the list.


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  12. mkbarton  

    Other groups I have subsequently heard from since the publishing of this article include:

    IAM….Holokai, Hawaii group

    “Save Western Maryland” (matia vandebilt ) Has Facebook page account.

    “Allegheny Highlands Alliance” http://www.alleghenyhighlandsalliance.org/Our_Mission/

    “Advocates for Cherry Valley” (New York) Click here: Advocates for Cherry Valley – Cherry Valley, New York 010720065


  13. Mary Kay Barton  

    I apologize to my friends in Citizens for a Healthy Rural Neighborhood (CHRN) for missing them. I thought we had made the correction prior to publishing, but just realized it’s still not there: Citizens for a Healthy Rural Neighborhood (CHRN), New York State


  14. Nick K  

    Oklahoma citizens have united and are fighting to stop Apex Wind Energy, a subsidiary of GreenLight Energy & BP, from destroying our entire county – Canadian County.

    Our citizens group website is Copra.us. Please add us to the list.

    We are fighting for turbines to be pushed out of our county, which is the fastest growing county in Oklahoma and 36th fastest growing county in the United States. Apex has placed 450’+ tall industrial turbines 600′ from homes of participating landowners and non-participating. They have turned a friendly county and state against itself and are continuing to do it with a smile while they continue with plans to put over 400 more turbines thoughout over 47,000 acreas of land into the vital artery of land that weaves in and out of developed and devolping communities.

    We are fighting for our property rights, right to health and safety, and right to enjoy the life we have which these energy giants are destroying so they can fatten up their bank accounts while destroying our lives.


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