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Let the PTC Expire: Letter and Signatories (100+ groups and counting)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- December 18, 2013

“It is precisely the fact that the market does not respect vested interests that makes the people concerned ask for government interference.”

– Ludwig von Mises, Human Action (1940), p. 334 [4th Edition, 1966, p. 337].

Government goes to those who show up. The wind industry got there first (concentrated benefits, diffused costs). But the pro-consumer, pro-taxpayer, pro-freedom movement has staged an impressive counter attack against government-dependent cronyism. Energy politics dates from the mid-nineteenth century in the United States–but never has more than one hundred pro-liberty groups spoken with one voice before.

Will the wind Production Tax Credit expire as scheduled at the end of this year? The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) hopes not. Why? Because continued expansion depends on the timing of this huge subsidy (see this graph by the editors of Real Clear Energy).

Letter and Signatories

Here is the November 4, 2013, letter to Congress from more than 100 signatories, big and small, city and grassroots, energy related and not. More signatories may add to this list.

Dear Senators and Representatives:


The principal federal support for the wind energy industry is scheduled to expire at the end of this year. The undersigned organizations and the millions of Americans we represent stand opposed to extending the production tax credit (PTC).

The wind industry has very little to show after 20 years of preferential tax treatment; it remains woefully dependent on this federal support. Yet despite this consistent under-performance, Congress has repeatedly voted to extend the PTC, usually in 1- or 2-year increments. This past year, Congress dramatically expanded the credit in addition to extending it.

This year, Congress should break from the past and allow the wind PTC to expire as scheduled, once and for all. Americans deserve energy solutions that can make it on their own in the marketplace—not ones that need to be propped up by government indefinitely.


Civitas Institute
Americans for Prosperity
R Street Institute
Less Government
The Club for Growth
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Freedom Action
Taxpayers for Common Sense
National Center for Public Policy Research
Freedom Works
American Conservative Union
National Taxpayers Union
American Commitment
60 Plus Association
COAST (Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes)
Cornwall Alliance
Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute
Rio Grande Foundation
Advance Arkansas Institute
CCDC (Concerned Citizens of DeKalb County (IN)
Secure America’s Future Economy
Auglaize Neighbors United
Concerned Citizens of Cattaraugus County
Interstate Informed Citizens Coalition
John Locke Foundation
Howard County Concerned Citizens
Capital Research Center
Independent Women’s Forum
Coalition for the Preservation of the Golden Crescent
Toronto Wind Action
Great Lakes Wind Truth, USA
North American Platform Against Wind Power
Save the Eagles International
Energize Illinois
Advocates For Cherry Valley
Frontiers of Freedom
Sheboygan County Communities for Responsible Energy
Laurel Mountain Preservation Association
The Maine Heritage Policy Center
Cascade Policy Institute
The Finger Lakes Preservation Association
Indiana Defenders of Liberty
Greencastle Defenders of Liberty
Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow
Save Western Maryland
Allegheny Highlands Alliance, Inc.
Friends of Beautiful Pendleton County, Inc.
Cohocton Wind Watch
State Co-coordinator (OH) – Tea Party Patriots
Wind Cows
American Energy Alliance
Director, Center for Economic Prosperity at the Goldwater Institute
Greenfield Area Tea Party
Commonwealth Foundation
Let Freedom Ring
United for Missouri
BCCRWE (Brown County Citizens for Responsible Wind Energy)
Wisconsin Citizens Coalition
The Weyrich Lunch
Wells County Concerned Citizens (IN)
Concerned Taxpayers of Wells County
Whitley County Concerned Citizens
Brighton Ridge Protectors
Heritage Action For America
Taxpayers Protection Alliance
The LIBRE Initiative
Positive Growth Alliance
Caesar Rodney Institute
Advocates For Prattsburgh
WE THE PEOPLE of Franklin County Patriots
Outer Banks Tea Party
We the People NC, Inc.
Independence Institute
Mansfield North Central Ohio Tea Party
Beacon Center of Tennessee
The Georgia Tea Party, Inc.
Bluegrass Institute
Friends of Maine’s Mountains
Great Lakes Beach Sweep/International Coastal Cleanup
Energy Integrity Project
Clear Skies over Orangeville
Stafford Preservation Group
Black Fork Wind Resistance of Crawford County Ohio
Protect Our Lakes
Grant County Concerned Citizens
Newark Neighbors United
Citizen’s Alliance for Responsible Energy (CARE)
Energy Makes America Great Inc.
Ogle Wind
Freedom Foundation
Protect Richfield
Erie County Federation of Sportsmen
Friends of Lincoln Lakes
Coalition Against Article X (COAX)
Citizens for Open Government
Advocates for Responsible Energy Development (ARED)
Goodhue Wind Truth
Citizens for Responsible Energy Development (CRED)
Lee County Informed


  1. Gordon Ettie  

    Stop the handouts for wind energy. Let the PTC expire a deserved death.


  2. Dan McKay  

    Eliminate the favored role for wind in the State’s Renewable Portfolio Standards as well.


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