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Memorial Weekend: Let’s Go!

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- May 23, 2014

“Beginning with the Memorial Day weekend and throughout the summer, Americans will spend their hard-earned dollars traveling to visit family, friends, and the great outdoors. Meanwhile, Big Oil will be making huge profits off of these travel expenditures on fuel, while at the same time fighting for decreased public health and climate-change protections.”

Center for American Progress (and Climate Progress), one year ago.

Get a life. Get happy. The automobile and the open road are freedom and environmentalism-on-wheels to escape the concrete to visit the great outdoors.

So forget the spin and go for a spin!

Each year, MasterResource celebrates the beginning of the peak-driving season knowing that our free-market philosophy is about energy abundance and affordability. And there is little to apologize for.

Oil, gas, and coal have been/are being technologically transformed into super-clean energy resources. Carbon-based energies are growing more abundant, not less. And energy/climate alarmism is losing steam on all fronts (except the shouting).

The real energy sustainability problem is statism, not free consumer choice. As Matt Ridley concluded: “There is little doubt that the damage being done by climate-change policies currently exceeds the damage being done by climate change.” As Alex Epstein is telling each one of us to tell our neighbors: I Love Fossil Fuels.

Energy is the master resource. Motorized transportation is freedom-of-movement. So, like that old Shell commercial said, Let’s Go!

Here are some pictures to capture the spirit of the open road:




  1. Charles Battig  

    (Heavy) foot to the pedal…liberate that CO2 from the gas in the tank…the plants are waiting for their air-borne foodstuff…they will reciprocate with the O2 that you need


  2. Richard  

    I love fossil fuels too, but did you really mean “to visit the great beyond”? Normally, this phrase refers to the world beyond this one–the afterlife. “The great outdoors” is my destination this weekend!


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