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More Climate Violence in 2023 (Just Stop Oil is all-in)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- January 4, 2023

Ed. note: This is Part II of a three-part series on eco-terrorism heading into the new year. Part I yesterday reported on Bloomberg Green’s recent interview with eco-terrorist Andreas Malm.

The climate alarmists are winning in micro politics but losing their war–and badly. And this loss is exacerbated by a number of environmental negatives for them (biomass, carbon capture and storage, hydrogen, nuclear)–and bad corporate behaviors that they deplore (greenwashing, COP ‘world fairs’).

Meanwhile, there is a tripartite fossil fuel boom with no end in sight, and the climate change window closes with the saturation effect of CO2 forcing. [1]

As the saying goes, the Church of Climate is left holding the bag. But instead of checking their premises about anti-CO2 ideology, eco-terrorism is resorted to. This is a double down, a final double down, that promises to sour the public and put a lot of extremists in jail.

Just Stop Oil wants to rev up the climate violence against people and treasured things. A year-end resolution, 2023 is Calling, follows:

“During #2022, the UK government sent 138 Just Stop Oil supporters to prison. At the end of the year, twelve are still inside. 138 ordinary, everyday people jailed for nonviolently resisting the govt’s death project by demanding an end to new #oilandgas. Let us be clear. By continuing with new oil and gas projects, politicians are committing millions of people to suffer extreme weather events, such as floods, huge storms and prolonged drought. Millions of people will die, many more will be displaced from their homes and entire nations will be destroyed. New oil and gas is an act of genocide

This is the terrifying reality: we are living under a genocidal govt

The govt’s lack of care is on display for all to see, they no longer hide it. Nurses and teachers are at food banks or on strike, ambulances are queuing outside hospitals, families forced to choose between heating or eating and our streams and rivers used as open sewers

Their scorn for us is such that they assume we’ll accept in silence. They have no idea what’s coming. Ordinary people are standing up and using the only power we have: unity, love and courage, poured into acts of civil resistance. Nonviolently demanding that the govt remembers what it’s for: to protect us, to protect our rights and freedoms and to protect the rule of law

In 2023, it’s time for those working in the #media to go beyond just telling us about record-breaking temperatures, floods and droughts. It’s time to shout about why this is happening and what it will mean for all of us alive today. Civil resistance means confronting the vested interests, the profiteering, and the complicity of all those in the pay of the oil industry

If you work in the #police or the #judiciary, you too must break the silence. You don’t have to arrest brave students and pensioners. You don’t have to lock up these courageous, skilled, loving members of society. If you choose to do that, know what you’re doing. You’re working for death, not life. For power and profit, not care and reason. Is that what you want your life’s legacy to be?

If you make that terrible choice, you are complicit in signing the death sentences of billions of people in the years to come. You are allowing the breakdown of law & order on your watch. You will be complicit in genocide. In 2023, defection & resistance are the only moral course of action for police & judiciary to take

As we welcome in the year ahead, everyone who recognises they are living in a pivotal moment, everyone who can see the impending & deadly threat, that we risk losing all we love, now has a duty to join those in civil resistance. This is not about polar bears & puffins, it’s about who gets to eat & how we will survive. Under British law people have a legal right to protect themselves, to protect the legacy of their ancestors who came before them and to protect the common inheritance of the people yet to come”

Zoe Cohen, self-described as Carbon Literate Coach and Vegan, reposted the above at LinkedIn, where the climate debates can be fast and furious. She is all for climate vandalism and social disruption tactics without penalty and wants wants a civil war of sorts between those who ‘know” that the world is being ruined by ‘us’ and those selfish souls (most of us) who do not.

I responded to her post:

Uncivil behavior has costs–find a new cause that can really rally people with a simple wave from the side of the road. Maybe a revolt against industrial wind and solar arrays is the opportunity.

Which elicited this response from a Kim G.F. Davis, self-described as an “Information Technology Consultant / Future-proofing Strategy Consultant”

There’s no more uncivil behaviour than market failures destroying the fabric of what sustains civilization on the planet…

So I agree: a revolt against unchecked negative variants of capitalism currently unravelling life-support, trust and democratic impulses in society—surveillance capitalism, predatory capitalism—is an opportunity to reverse the downward trend Humanity has been broadly experiencing (except for a low minority of very wealthy-not very happy individuals) in a world increasingly threatened by authoritarianism, conflict, poverty, famine, disease, and so on…

I rebutted:

Real, entrepreneurial capitalism–instead of crony, political capitalism–is simply mutually beneficial exchange between consenting adults. Private property, rule of law. Ludwig von Mises calls this consumer sovereignty.

What you don’t like about capitalism applies to people with bad incentives to pursue the unearned. Climate alarmism leads to climate policies by government and cronies in the wind, solar, battery, carbon capture, hydrogen, biomass, etc. businesses. They fly to conferences to congratulate and party and complain about the world that they want to control. They take from the general taxpayer and have special privileges against the energies of choice.

Real capitalism is quite different from what you think. It is the masses serving the masses and based on merit, not political connections prefaced Malthusian end-of-the-world dogmas.

Mineral energies are a salvation for humankind that works in the direction of warmer with CO2 fertilization. Not too bad in most people’ estimation….

Market failure? Ever heard of analytical failure and government failure? All three are in play on the climate issue.


[1] The saturation effect is the logarithmic effect of greenhouse gas forcing when the more the atmosphere is filled with the trace gas carbon dioxide (CO2), the less effect each addition makes to ‘climate change’. Seen another way, the effects from doubled CO2 do not reoccur at a tripling but at a quadrupling of atmospheric concentrations. So CO2 mitigation is “losing” with each day and adaptation as public policy is ‘winning’ with each day.


  1. johnbuk  

    I’m afraid that regardless of your logical and scientific responses the doomsday cult will carry on regardless.
    1. They are “saving the planet”, to them the greatest “calling” they can aspire to.
    2. Their calling is emotional – no amount of logic will derail them.
    3. The end justifies the means – anything goes.

    I would guess there are a small number of “martyrs” who will carry on to the bitter end. It means they will have to be imprisoned for a long time to send a message to the rest. Unfortunately the establishment will not do this, in part because it is in thrall to these people.Therefore we will have to endure an event based on (3) that is so obscene that the “mass” will demand a change to our response. Innocents will die.


    • rbradley  

      This will lead to 1) interventions by loved ones and rehabilitation and 2) more folks in jail. There need to be heavy fines on the imprisoned to keep taxpayers whole.

      This is an addiction not unlike a lot of others.


  2. Mark Krebs  

    Domestic Terrorists Are Targeting The U.S. Energy Grid
    And by “Domestic Terrorists” the author means white supremacists.



  3. GreenHearted  

    I’m afraid … the fossil-fueled doomsday cult will carry on regardless.

    1. They (and by “they” I mean you) are “saving the economy,” which to them is the greatest “calling” they can aspire to.

    2. Their calling is emotional – and addictive. No amount of empirical evidence or even lived experience of global climate chaos and catastrophe will derail them.

    3. The end justifies the means – anything goes. Fossil fuel air pollution kills 10 million people a year? Who cares. Fossil fuel greenhouse gas emissions are destabilizing the climate that gave us agriculture and food security? Who cares. Fossil fuel corporations have known about this for decades and have done worse than nothing about it? Who cares. They’re killing off their own customers (and employees, and families …)? Who cares. As long as protesters don’t block the traffic during my commute, who cares?


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