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Climate Hustle 2 (‘Are They Trying to Control the Climate Or You?’)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- September 25, 2020

“Featuring leading scientists, politicians and policy experts, and hosted by actor Kevin Sorbo, [Climate Hustle 2] showcases many instances of Hollywood hypocrisy, financial corruption, media bias, classroom indoctrination, political correctness and other troubling matters surrounding the global warming issue.”

“This movie covers virtually everything that has ever been said or discussed about climate change. It gives a true perspective of just how hard the media and climate alarmists are pushing an agenda, and how equally hard climate skeptics are pushing back.”

“If you want rhetoric and doom, watch Al Gore’s movie. If you want a practical and sensible view of what is really happening with climate, watch ClimateHustle 2.”

“We really are being hustled by the left, and it’s depressing to see how much they want iron-fisted climate regulations put on us.”

These four quotations by Anthony Watts of WUWT, the most viewed climate website in the world, describe the new movie by Marc Morano, a Part II of his original Climate Hustle.

The two-minute trailer of Climate Hustle 2: Rise of the Climate Monarchy is here.


Desmog has conveniently provided a “Who’s Who” in the film (with ad hominem leveled against each):

  • Dr. Judith Curry, who left academia in 2017 to focus fully on her private business, which she has admitted does receive funding from the fossil fuel industry. 
  • Patrick Moore, a Canadian nuclear power advocate and founder of a private PR company who describes himself as a founder of Greenpeace, a claim that the organization itself denies. 
  • Dr. Richard Lindzen, an “Expert” with the Heartland Institute, a member of the “Academic Advisory Council” of the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF), and an advisor to the CO2 Coalition, a group promoting the benefits of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Formerly of the Cato Institute, before they cut their climate science program, Lindzen has described the 97% consensus among climate scientists as “propaganda.”  
  • Dr. Ivar Giaever, a physicist with no academic climate credentials who resigned from the American Physical Society when he disagreed with their stance on global warming as occurring and “incontrovertible.” 
  • Dr. Tim Ball, a retired Canadian professor and former member of President Trump’s transition team, who also claims falsely to be Canada’s first climatology PhD.  Ball was recently found guilty of libel by a Canadian Court of Appeals over false statements in a 9-year-old attack against prominent Canadian climate scientist (and outgoing BC Green Party leader), Dr. Andrew Weaver. 
  • Alex Epstein of the for-profit Center for Industrial Progress has turned a Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy into a successful career promoting the “moral case for fossil fuels” and has “proudly” disclosed his fossil fuel industry funding.  
  • Roy Spencer, a research scientist at the University of Alabama, Huntsville, has said that climate change is “a gigantic false alarm.” Dr. Spencer is also an advisor to the CornwallAlliance.
  • Mark Steyn, a blogger who takes pride in having no scientific expertise
  • Dr. David Legates, the newly-appointed deputy assistant secretary of commerce for observation and prediction at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Before being tapped by the Trump administration for this role, Legates was once Delaware’s State Climatologist, before the then-Governor asked him to stop using that title and eventually to step down, reportedly for his involvement in a number of widely-debunked papers that cast doubt on the impacts of global warming and were funded by oil and coal companies. Legates also appeared in the original Climate Hustle, as well as in other CDR videos for the Cornwall Alliance. In one segment a Cornwall Alliance video, Legates promoted creationism, saying, “The has to be a designer—a creator behind this.”

Desmog, however, seems to have left out a number of voices and screen scientists of Hustle 2. Look for a full cast at the Heartland Institute’s April 16/17, 2021, 14th International Conference on Climate Change in Las Vegas.

Tickets to watch Climate Hustle 2 (and 1) are here.


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  2. John Garrett  


    That list along with DeSmog’s ad hominem attacks is priceless. The failure to even mention (even in passing) that Dr. Giaever is a Nobel laureate reveals the extent of DeSmog’s propaganda effort.

    I’d love to have witnessed the writer of those ad hominens as he/she was composing them for the sole purpose of seeing whether a sentient human being could have performed that task whilst simultaneously suppressing laughter.


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