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Judith Curry: One Plus the Truth ….

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- October 30, 2019

“Climatology is becoming an increasingly dubious science, serving a political project… the policy cart is leading the scientific horse.”

– Judith Curry, City Journal, Winter 2019.

MasterResource has followed the science when it comes to climate change by profiling the work of Judith Curry, former head of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology and currently a private researcher. Once in the alarmist camp, she checked her premises post-Climategate and realized that “the cause” was corrupted at the expense of sober science, not to mention public policy.

Previous MasterResource posts on Curry, emphasizing bottom-line quotations, have been:

And here we are today. City Journal, a publication of the Manhattan Institute, recently published an interview by Guy Sorman, Climate Science’s Myth-Buster,” subtitled “It’s time to be scientific about global warming, says climatologist Judith Curry.”

Eight salient quotations from Curry in this article follow.

“There is warming, but we don’t really understand its causes. The human factor and carbon dioxide, in particular, contribute to warming, but how much is the subject of intense scientific debate.”

“Sea level is rising, but this has been gradually happening since the 1860s; we don’t yet observe any significant acceleration of this process in our time.”

“Climate change is a complex and poorly understood phenomenon, with so many processes involved…. some find it reassuring to believe that we have mastered the subject…. nothing upsets many scientists like uncertainty.”

“Climatology has become a political party with totalitarian tendencies. If you don’t support the UN consensus on human-caused global warming, if you express the slightest skepticism, you are a ‘climate-change denier,’ a stooge of Donald Trump, a quasi-fascist who must be banned from the scientific community.”

“… politics, money, and fame [drive climate scientists who] … must not like capitalism or industrial development too much and should favor world government, rather than nations.”

“Climatology is becoming an increasingly dubious science, serving a political project… the policy cart is leading the scientific horse.”

“We’re always being told that we are reaching a point of no return—that, for instance, the melting of the Arctic ice pack is the beginning of the apocalypse. But this melting, which started decades ago, is not leading to catastrophe.”

“… volcanic eruptions in the Antarctic region … would break up the ice, and these cannot be predicted.”


  1. John Garrett  

    Thanks for the recommendation and link to Guy Sorman’s article on and interview of Dr. Curry. It’s well worth the time.


  2. Ed Reid  

    Dr. Curry preserves the faint hope that cooler heads might eventually prevail and that a debate on climate change might one day occur.


  3. JohnWho  

    I do not find it useful to argue with anyone who accepts lies and deceptions.

    I began to be a “climate skeptic” when I saw how the supporters of “global warming/climate change” were so willing to lie, deceive, and spout half-truths in support of their belief.

    “Polar bears threatened” – nope, they are doing fine. “Hurricanes getting worse” – nope, NOAA says the last 10 years have had less hurricanes and less overall strength. “More tornadoes” – nope, NOAA says the last 10 years have shown less tornadoes and less overall strength. “Settled science” – nope, there is tremendous uncertainty over how much the planet has warmed since the end of the Little Ice Age, tremendous uncertainty over how much atmospheric warming Carbon Dioxide causes, and tremendous uncertainty over how much annual atmospheric Carbon Dioxide is caused by human activity.

    There are literally hundreds more of these false claims. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”


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