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CASE: Consumer Action for a Strong Economy (‘Free-Market Voice for U.S. Consumers’)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- December 1, 2021

It’s the new organization on the block, and energy is one of its top concerns and priorities. Meet Consumer Action for a Strong Economy (CASE), “the nation’s foremost non-profit, non-partisan organization devoted to the singular cause of promoting consumer interests through the advancement of free-market principles.”

Two recent policy briefs from Case are:

Here is more introduction to an exciting new group for which energy is one of 15 subject areas.


CASE is committed to serving as the voice of American consumers and wage-earners by advocating strongly for free-markets, fiscal responsibility and reasonable consumer protections. Through these time-tested principles, CASE aims to create more prosperity and opportunity for every American.

CASE is further working to fill the void of consumer advocacy organizations who largely ignore free-market solutions and lean heavily toward more government regulation and control over our national, state and local economies.  As an aggressive and vocal advocate for less government interference with American enterprise and industry, CASE seeks to serve the interests of U.S. consumers through common-sense policies that allow our economy to innovate and expand, giving consumers more freedom, greater choice, more purchasing options, at less cost.


CASE advocates on the behalf of consumers, both on the state level and federal level. We analyze economic trends, research public policy, and weigh demographic information in order to best promote the free-market policies that lead to a stronger economy benefiting all consumers. CASE’s major initiatives also include engaging and educating the public both online and through traditional media, and aggressively informing lawmakers and opinion leaders of vital pro-consumer policies. CASE further provides several forums, with more to come, for consumers to share and exchange ideas.

Consumers profit when American business and industry is free to compete and innovate in the marketplace to serve the needs of our diverse nation. To further an agenda of economic strength for our nation, and for prosperity and opportunity for every American, we will diligently and tirelessly make the CASE for more economic freedom, less government, and empowering consumers at every avenue.


From powering our homes, to driving our cars, to communicating with family and friends, energy is a major component of nearly every product we buy and service we use. Unfortunately, for too long government has championed anti-energy policies through a crushing combination of stifling regulations and excessive taxes that kill jobs, undermine our energy security and siphon money out of consumers’ pockets.

CASE is fighting back against reckless regulations, such as the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, which shutters power plants while producing scant benefit for our environment. We oppose government handouts and subsidies to expensive and unproven “green” technologies that cost taxpayers billions, and support expanding areas for safe exploration and extraction of our energy assets. We further reject the never-ending calls for even higher taxes on the energy Americans rely on. CASE champions energy freedom that allows America’s energy producers to provide the power we need, safely, abundantly, leading to lower costs for industry and America’s energy consumer.

The average American, the citizen voter, deserves to learn more about energy, the master resource–and how political energy is less affordable, plentiful, and reliable. Please welcome CASE for helping to do that job.


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