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Yes, ‘Inside Climate News,’ the Fossil Fuels are Thankful (as are consumers and taxpayers!)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- December 27, 2016

“This year, the fossil fuel industry may top the list of Americans feeling most thankful. The election of Donald Trump not only promises to grant many of their fondest deregulation wishes, but it could also offer a potential Black Friday-like atmosphere on things like drilling leases and access to public lands.”

So began a fundraising pitch from Inside Climate News, a investigative journalism outfit starting from false premises to reach false conclusions.

The headlines from the same outfit in the same week were happy ones from a pro-consumer, pro-taxpayer, anti-coercion viewpoint.

No carbon tax. No cap-and-trade. Department of Energy cuts. It sounds good to me–and the forgotten men and women of energy and the environment.

Inside Climate News continued their donation pitch:

Undoing all of President Obama’s environmental regulations won’t be as easy as a stroke of a pen, but his executive orders—Obama used a lot of them because he could not count on the support of Congress—are another matter.  How much is a piece of the First Amendment worth to you? Telling the truth about the climate crisis is needed now, more than ever.

The first amendment? That will be fine without the CO2 police from the United Nations or from US EPA or from an angry Bill McKibben. The voluntary solution in the case of energy and climate is the right solution.

Another Agenda for ICN

So would one ICN’s investigative reporters get in trouble with the boss or donors for honestly pursuing one of these stories?

  • Cronyism and ‘Clean’ Energy
  • Environmental Issues of Wind Power
  • Environmental Issues of Solar Farms
  • Enron, Climate Change, and Renewable Energy
  • Environmental Benefits of Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Consumer Welfare and CO2 Pricing

This revised agenda would be a welcome launch into 2017.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Mark Krebs  

    In related news:

    Green Energy Industry Bankrolls Anti-Exxon News Group’s Content


    Activist group CREDO and green energy company Clean Energy Choice are listed as sponsors on InsideClimate News’ website, the media outlet responsible for spearheading investigations into Exxon over its climate research.



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