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“Green Fraud” Book Review (one-stop shopping for energy/climate realists)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- May 10, 2021

“Let’s expose this dangerous charade. The Green New Deal is not green. It’s not new. And it’s not a good deal for America.”

– Marc Morano, Green Fraud, p. 306.

“The sorry present of the climate/energy debate will need some vital books come the autopsy. When that time comes, Green Fraud will serve as a go-to book. In the meantime, America, read away as part of a public opinion shift toward climate realism and energy basics.” (below)

I remain a big believer in books in the age of short attention spans. But the book must cover a lot of material in an organized way–and have a thorough index for researchers.

Outside of a too-brief index, Marc Morano’s Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal Is Even Worse Than You Think (Regnery: 2021) is a worthy addition to any library concerning today’s raging debate over climate and energy. It is one-stop shopping–400 pages worth–for a mount of eye-opening, sometimes amusing, but ultimately sad exaggerations and puffery from the Church of Climate.

John Holdren, Bill Nye, Bill McKibben, and Joe Biden come in for a shellacking. The term central planning gets a lot of mention, as does bureaucracy and bureaucrats.

Greta and OAC get the most mentions of all. Al Gore goes unmentioned, as does James Hansen; they are taken care of in Morano’s other full-scale treatment, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change (2018).

Morano is a celebrity for the calm, reasoned side of the climate and energy debates. He is the proprietor of Climate Depot, a project of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT). [1] With personality, he makes the crazy serious fun (how can you not?) in an era of ‘climate anxiety.’

One question the reader will have while turning the pages is how did all this get so far? The answer is a tsunami of Left foundation money, government push, politicized science (where believed-to-be theory trumps data), and mainstream media (MSM) bias. Stories about all this salt the book.

Flipping the Pages

Perhaps the best way to review this particular book is by random sampling (true–no cheating).

I just opened the book to page 183. There is a sidebar story, “Where is Fertilizer, Cement, Plastic Going to Come From?” It is about Bill Gates at a 2018 Stanford University Energy Forum calling out the modelers for a lack of realism about energy supply and demand.

Page 54 presents data on tornadoes and hurricanes. Good stuff as that time of year is either upon us or nearly so. Expect every example of extreme weather to be reported in the MSM as either the result of or consistent with man-made climate change.

One more toward the back of the book’s main text: pp. 246–47 on “Woke and Weeping Climate Scientists.” Examples of government scientists all-in on the politics. Church-of-climate scientists who cannot think in terms of economics, entrepreneurship, and adaptation. And ignorant scientists who do not (chose not) to understand energy 101.


Marc Morano is the fellow the other side just wants to cancel. Put him in any forum, and a rat-a-tat of arguments and examples will leave a Sci-Guy-Nye high-and-dry.

Of course, Morano doesn’t get the opportunities and attention he deserves against, say, the angry, dodgy Michael Mann. But the last laugh will always be his as the great climate alarm gets disentangled and critically reassessed as time goes on.

Judith Curry in her review of Green Fraud noted: “The response from the climatariat has been attempts to get the book ‘cancelled’.” But, she added:

Anyone who wants to understand the U.S. political debate over climate change should read this book. Climate activists should read this book to understand what they are up against (and also some of the foolishness in the name of climate activism). I would love to see a real attempt at critiquing this book (rather than attempts to cancel it or smear Morano).

The sorry present of the climate/energy debate will need some vital books come the autopsy. When that time comes, Green Fraud will serve as a go-to book. In the meantime, America, read away as part of a public opinion shift toward climate realism and energy basics.


[1] CFACT’s mission statement reproduced below:

At the heart of CFACT, our goal is to enhance the fruitfulness of the earth and all of its inhabitants. CFACT accomplishes this through four main strategies:

Prospering Lives. CFACT works to help people find better ways to provide for food, water, energy and other essential human services.

Promoting Progress. CFACT advocates the use of safe, affordable technologies and the pursuit of economic policies that reduce pollution and waste, and maximize the use of resources.

Protecting the Earth. CFACT helps protect the earth through wise stewardship of the land and its wildlife.

Providing Education. CFACT educates various sectors of the public about important facts and practical solutions regarding environmental concerns.


  1. david russell  

    Well AGW is pseudo-science so it’s easy to refute. It’s never been einxperimentally demonstrated and that alone means it ignores the Scientific Method, which requires experimentation. But the killer is that as Ole Humlum’s peer-reviewed analysis showed, CO2 rise lags temperature rise, and hence AGW violates causality. Violating causality destroys the thesis of AGW dispositively.


  2. John W. Garrett  

    I couldn’t say it any better, so I won’t try.

    “…They really are so f***king stupid.

    They’re trying to work out why heat made from electricity made from heat made from gas is more expensive than heat made from gas…”
    -Ben Pile


  3. Sherri Lange  

    Complete brilliance.

    I applaud Rob and Master Resource…

    As usual, MR captures essences, and Cardinal points.

    CFACT gets all of it: the climate lies, the creepy nature of tangling with politicos and economic policies that are as weak as a limp piece of spaghetti.


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