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‘Hate Speech’ at Greenwire? William Gray, RIP

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- April 18, 2016

Earlier today, the online subscription news service Greenwire published this item:

OBITUARY: Hurricane researcher-turned-climate denier dies at 86

William Gray, who pioneered hurricane forecasting tools as a professor at Colorado State University and voiced skepticism of climate change models, died Saturday.

The university said Gray, 86, died peacefully at home with his family.

Gray and his researchers were among the first to link the El Niño phenomenon to the formation of hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea in their predictions.

“He consistently issued these forecasts for over 30 years, a track record unparalleled for university predictions,” said Phil Klotzbach, one of Gray’s researchers.

Gray, a Washington, D.C., native and alumnus of George Washington University, questioned the science of climate change in his later years.

“How can we trust climate forecasts 50 and 100 years into the future (that can’t be verified in our lifetime) when they are not able to make shorter seasonal or yearly forecasts that could be verified?” Gray asked in testimony before a U.S. Senate committee in 2005 (Keith Coffman, Reuters, April 16). — SP

“Hurricane researcher-turned-climate denier” Really? Did Dr. Gray deny climate? Climate change? A human influence on climate?

Or did he just disagree with the human influence as the predominant climate forcing (still an open question), and that  anthropogenic warming is a per se negative and potentially catastrophic one at that? …

Dear SP: Choose a better title or tell your editor that even a Monday is no excuse to denigrate a true scientist in the title of an obituary.

And kudos to William Gray for a professional life well lived. And for having the integrity of thought that is extremely difficult for younger scientists in the fields of oceanography and meteorology who must fight for research grants and contend for favor in their university departments surrounded by Malthusian-driven science investigation and views.





  1. David Walker  


    Just about what I’d expect from an AGW propaganda outfit called ‘Greenwire’.


  2. Mark Krebs  

    While Greenwire’s “reporting” is consistently lopsided as hell, the article in question appears to be an excerpt from Reuters: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-people-gray-idUSKCN0XE015


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