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Omelettes & Eggs Climate Theory Debunked (A brief review of Marc Morano’s “Climate Hustle”)

By Sherri Lange -- May 3, 2016

Princeton scientist Michael Oppenheimer calls The Climate Hustle movie “dangerous.” Bill Nye, The Science Guy, gently mocked in the movie, Climate Hustle, says: “It’s not in the world’s interest.” (For more reviews, see here.)

Climate Hustle, the soon-to-be iconic culture-busting documentary that previewed last evening in theaters around America, pops gaping holes in the anthropogenic climate change monolithic narrative. It bares all about the issues that the other side does not want to raise, much less debate.

To read Michael Oppenheimer’s bio, you might assume he knows a thing or two about climate change. However, his condemnation of the movie, Climate Hustle, is curious as well as downright bizarre. Climate Hustle, after all, is full of humor, some slapstick, possibly “most important movie of the year,” and as rousing a debunking of climate change hysteria as possibly we have seen.

“It’s hard not to laugh,” say some. In Toronto, there were belly laughs and sardonic harrumphs. Same in Houston, says my editor.

Oppenheimer’s anti-CH (Climate Hustle) comment perhaps lays bare the lack of sincere scientific investigation from someone who renders a verdict without actually seeing the movie. So maybe this is the tone-setting for the chronic vacuum of investigation around climate change chronicled in CH.

If this movie is important, and crucial, even for folks who have been mired in green mythology, and if it lays bare the “climate agenda,” then what IS the climate agenda?

The agenda, it seems, is multifaceted and even cruel. It is also funny at times, and scornfully so. It is antique and chaotic, and egotistical.

In the film and its postscript, it is ascertained that during the testimony of James Hansen to a Congressional Hearing, announcing, in effect, a new age of Global Warming, they contrived to open the windows during an unusually warm season, turn off the air conditioning. Hansen is reportedly wiping his brow from the heat and dampness.

….today Dr. James E. Hansen of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration told a Congressional committee that it was 99 percent certain that the warming trend was not a natural variation but was caused by a buildup of carbon dioxide and other artificial gases in the atmosphere.

Of course, the retrospective on this august announcement of a new age of Global Warming is classically humorous. This was, after all, 1988. Hansen became a “climate hero.” Despite new and powerful evidence to the contrary, Dr. Hansen continues to warn us (2016) of continued global warming that would “raise sea levels by ‘several meters’ over the coming century, rendering most of the world’s coastal cities uninhabitable and helping unleash devastating storms.”

Hansen the Father of Global Warming continues his mantra. “What we are threatening to do to young people is irreversible, it’s irreparable harm.” The backdrop of the scientists who continue to warn of hell and high water, and stick to their guns against the refreshingly open remarks and studies of sceptics, has us deeply interested.

These are myths we have lived by, and they are challenged in this film, seriously, and variously.

The film takes us through a veritable romp of cold and warming warnings, with the complete sense that science really has little or no idea what it is doing with respect to predicting the weather. The film also chronicles sincere scientists, such as Judith Curry, former chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology, who are not afraid to explain why they have challenged IPCC data and opinions, based on emerging reasonable questions of “science.”

Not afraid to comment on the “torqueing of science.” We would question if this can be called, “science” at all: the fatuous and famous “97% of all scientists believe”….is reduced to not even 97 scientists….and those selected by a fuzzy process. Curry argues that scientists have not factored in enough of what they don’t know: a whole “host” of unknowns.

That is what Morano emphasizes: and we come away with a strong feeling that scientists not only don’t know, but they are confusing us deeply with their pretentions of knowing. Alarmingly, public energy policy has rested its laurels on this lack of rigorous study.

But Climate Hustle is also humorous.  Charles, Prince of Wales, seems perplexed, finally, after several film clips outlining his  many attempts to warn the world of pending disaster, with yes, a tipping point.  “Take action now, for the sake of your children, your grandchildren,” and “How many times do I need to say this?” he asks with a frustrating and bewildered expression.

From this dire warning, it is easy to take a light skip to massive non-performing wind turbine proliferation, again to “save your grandchildren.” We should perhaps not lighten the gravity of the high sentiment of saving the planet with the fact that the Royal Family benefits from renting out land to turbine developers.

Ultimately, the “agenda” is a conspiracy against the poor.  The overwhelming concept, pushed for years, is that to protect “our great grandchildren” from “climate change,” we must make sacrifices at the altar. Build industrial wind turbines, solar arrays, wean ourselves from evil fossil fuels, and of course pay higher carbon taxes–and support the industries that will “save us.” This is the industrial climate complex exposed.

As we are reminded in the article by Matt Ridley in the Spectator, “we cannot make omelettes without breaking eggs.” Climate Hustle makes the connection between the effects of carbon fear, and energy policies that break the backs of the poor.

It also makes the connection between current energy policies that abandon common sense and facts, that obfuscate, and that are actually behind a larger agenda to, yes, ‘redistribute’ wealth. There is great irony in that little phrase.

The breaking-eggs-to-make-omelettes philosophy turns out to be breaking eggs to break even bigger eggs, senselessly, with complete waste, rotten eggs, and disastrous results. In fact, you need not look too far to see egg particulate in all manner of exploded climate alarmism, rotting up the countryside with industrial wind turbines and glossy solar panels. But not an omelette in sight.

The final photo montage in the film tantalizes us with news of a sequel that focuses on the events resulting FROM these colossal climate lies: you got it: wind turbines and solar. An antidote, absolutely; smoothly, comically, interestingly done. Wickedly funny they say, and they are right.

PS: For those who wish to separate the fraud of industrial wind from the climate-change fraud, we warn that they are one and the same. Fear not to adventure into both sets of lies. It will eventually in the public’s eye be difficult to disentangle them.


  1. Carm Hofen  

    Great review! The film makes it clear that the big climate lie is now, and maybe always was, as obvious as Pinocchio’s elongated nose. Were it not for co-opted scientists, politicians, educators, big money, corporate appeasers, mainstream media, and Marxist ENGOs, the deception would have failed. Disastrous “green” policies have been built on the climate house of cards, and they are hurting the poor above all. It’s important to keep the end game in sight and do everything possible to thwart it—the UN’s and other elites’ drive for redistribution of wealth, de-indusrialization along with de-population, and centralized control over everything and everyone by an unelected, unaccountable global government. This film is a clarion call to rise up to protect our sovereignty, democratic rights, personal freedoms, and the free market place.


  2. Melodie Burkett  

    Thank goodness for this movie. We have been had from the very beginning. The wind industry and solar industry have been raping and pillaging rural lands for 30 years yet emissions rise because of their dependence on fossil fuel back up when the wind does not blow and the sun does not shine. Yet they are paid anyway…That’s right paid to not produce, in our surplus energy Ontario situation. Bribes, pay offs, , backroom deals. No limit to the corruption of these companies. Our government has been in bed with these shysters from the get go. What other word but collusion when you consider that this government give out permits to harass, harm and kill wildlife, even endangered species to make way for their turbines and miles of roads into the turbines for servicing.

    Over 400 hundred families in south western Ontario have had to abandon their homes to get away from the Infa sound and low frequency sound and vibrations from these 50 and sixty story wind turbines. And that is before the new batch of approvals granted by the MOE.

    Now Germany is doing a study of Infa sound and Low frequency sound inside neighbouring homes that are making people ill over there. Germany stopping subsidies along with the UK, and Denmark. What does that tell you. Only Ontario does not want to learn from others mistakes.


    • Sherri Lange  

      Melodie, You are in the heart of darkness in Ontario. You are facing down the throat of a new project. You are a true warrior, and you understand so well the connection between the lies. Today we learned that Slovenia also, like Canada, like Massachusetts, produced a government report saying there are no health effects. This despite world records of overwhelming credible evidence from victims, professionals of all kinds, doctors, acousticians, engineers. Despite Senate level hearings in AU confirming without any doubt that there are serious and devastating effects. So this, too, is fraud. The wind turbine industry tells us that due to climate change, and tipping points, we must act “quickly” to save the earth and our “children.” Time to stand up as you are in your community, and say it loud and clear, there has to be an end to the fraud, the lies. Thank you for your courage, friend.


  3. CBayne  

    “For those who wish to separate the fraud of industrial wind and the climate change fraud, we warn that they are one and the same.”

    Indeed! To the rational being it is almost a relief to discover the UN “Sustainability” Agenda behind the green nightmare where facts hold no power to sway…

    We truly must find the courage to counter years of propaganda and attack the root cause. I look forward to the availability of Climate Hustle on DVD for wider distribution. Humour is a most effective weapon in our arsenal!


  4. Michael Spencley  

    Thank you Sherri Lange for a great overview of the aptly named, Climate Hustle, and to MasterResource for keeping their finger on the pulse of this Global Warming / Climate Change shell game. The movie shed light on the linkage of the UN’s grand agenda to redistribute wealth under the guise of manmade “climate change” while thwarting economic and safe, base energy sources.
    Climate Hustle also gave the audience some powerful insite into the bravery of a few earnest scientists, educators and politicians who dare use logic and reason to question the impact of Anthropogenic factors with respect to climate. Truth deniers, such as Nye are clearly worried about their reputations, now that they are “all in” on the wrong side of both the climate and energy files.


    • Sherri Lange  

      Thanks, Michael, Mel, Carm and C.Bayne,

      This movie should be a must see for high school and college level students. Sarah Palin in her post script comments warned of the important role of parents to mitigate messaging in schools of all kinds. No political commentary intended; but she is right on that the propaganda machine is well and alive in schools and universities. I thought the movie did a really great job of counterpoint: although of course it was a lot of “talking heads,” yet it was never boring, and the colorful manner of placing the doubters’, deniers’, comments in just the right place, to my view, emphasized variously in colorful or subtle ways, the extent of the lack of intellectual honesty. It is the same dishonesty that is promoting and creating “the literature” supporting the notion that there is no harm from industrial wind turbines to human health. We know also that the data from the HC (Health Canada) study is not released to the media, for example. Why? That is not standard practice. Remember that they omitted many homes where historic problems were reported. Remember they discounted 1400 or so homes, with no explanation. Missing data? Missing data collection? For sure. I would love to see the sequel to Climate Hustle. Remember Mr Morano suggesting that the sequel would be the equally fraudulent impacts of the climate fraud, and on the screen were images of wind turbines and solar panels. Can’t wait.


  5. Jim Wiegand - Wildlife Biologist  

    I have not seen this movie but I understand the mentality that lies within our leaders. Otherwise known as an elite fraternity of sociopaths

    With these nut jobs anything that can feed the corporate monsters is now the truth.

    How would the public feel about wind turbines being able to cure cancer? This really is a fair question because wind turbines as a cure for cancer or a fix for climate change, are equally absurd. But not to a sociopath.

    Look through this information below and see how it fits in with our list of presidential candidates or the corporate climate hustle………………

    If the person is a true sociopath, then he or she will feel no remorse about hurting others, lying, manipulating people, or just generally acting in an unacceptable way.
    • When a sociopath does something wrong, he or she is likely to accept none of the blame and to blame others instead.
    • Sociopaths are willing to hurt whomever whenever if it means that they will achieve their goals. This is why many sociopaths are highly successful people.
    • Sociopaths may be cruel (turbines) to animals and will show absolutely no remorse for that, either.
    Sociopaths are perfectly comfortable going through their lives telling a series of lies. In fact, true sociopaths are uncomfortable when they are telling the truth. If they are finally caught in a lie, then they will continue to lie and backpedal to cover up the lies.

    Many sociopaths are delusional to the point where they believe that their lies are the truth. They have a huge sense of entitlement, thinking that they deserve for others to create amazing things for them, with out consideration for their well being. When the truth is they don’t care about others, but just wish to use them.

    You can think of sociopaths as con artists who always have a secret agenda. They need to know how to charm people in order to get what they want. To advance their goals, they first have to blend in with the crowd, which means they need to know how to smile, greet people, and make people feel comfortable. This is why Presidential candidates like Barack Obama openly attend church ceremonies when an election is at hand. They’re hoping to make sappy voters feel comfortable.
    Sociopaths use their intelligence in order to manipulate and hurt people, instead of to help them. Their extreme intelligence is part of what makes them so dangerous, because they will often be several steps ahead of people who are on to them and are able to cover their tracks.

    If Sociopaths are challenged or confronted, they will point the finger the other way, counting on the ignorance driven empathy and consideration of others to protect them, as long as they can remain undetected. Their attempt to point the finger the other way, is both a smoke screen to being detected, and an attempt to confuse the situation. Think about how all this relates to the endless number of deflective statements like cats or buildings killing more than turbines, while the deranged are slaughtering thousands of eagles.

    Lastly on the subject of Sociopaths, they have to be in control and are very uncomfortable being around other strong intelligent people. When these people are around, they are afraid they will get caught. This is exactly why there has never been a court case challenging the wind industry’s fraudulent research or a real Federal Grand Jury Investigation. All these sociopaths know they will get caught.


    • Sherri Lange  

      Jim, this is so true. To sit back and really examine HOW this turbine and solar proliferation occurred, occurs, without any benefit at all, and negative costs, you have to wonder what shapes these people. It is cruel, indignant, useless and futile….yet they persist. Dollar signs. That is all.


  6. Ed Reid  

    The ultimate goal of the UNFCCC and its supporting cast is the establishment of a global vegan commune, run by some subset of the tinpot despots represented in the UN General Assembly. Understanding that ultimate goal makes it far easier to understand the various efforts currently underway to move the process toward the goal, including the various aspects of UN Agenda 21.


  7. Ken Langford  

    We are told to “think of the children” by the climate alarmists and yet no one sees the growing national debt as a factual burden to our children and grandchildren. I believe that a couple of degrees warmer would be a lot easier to take than the poverty imposed by our ever increasing size of government and government programs.


  8. Sherri Lange  

    Absolutely, Ken. This comment about “save the children,” this running theme, is so facile and absurd. We are to make sacrifices, and even sacrifice THEM, it seems, to save FUTURE children. It is completely absurd. Now take the real time poverty that is the result of these energy policies that are again in tandem with doomsday sayers, and the children of the poorest are slammed into the wall. Or the elderly, on fixed incomes.

    See Let Them Eat Carbon Credits here.


    Easy enough to forget the poorest in Africa, some 5000 miles away. And the elderly, and the already marginalized.

    “……a greater number of poor households must spend more than 10 per cent of their income on energy, becoming what is known as energy poor. This category now covers some 17 per cent of all British households. Worse, because the elderly are typically poorer, energy poverty affects about a quarter of all households whose inhabitants are over 60. Deprived pensioners are spending their days riding heated buses to keep warm, while a third are leaving part of their homes cold.”


  9. Mary  

    First, I have to state that I was unable to see Climate Hustle. I am quite certain that it would have confirmed what I have known for a long time: it is a political initiative devoid of any moral or environmental imperative. The wealth transfer being sought has been occurring for decades. The sectors being hit, deliberately, effect people across the board: housing first, now electricity. Food costs have also been soaring, though many do not see that we pay more for the same package of highly processed cheese, which has a dozen fewer slices of product so we pay more and we are getting less. The theory is that it is necessary to reduce consumption of America’s middle class so the rest of the world can be better off. This plan was announced in 1992 at the Rio Accords and is being implemented via the United Nations.

    Having said that, why anyone would listen to anything the United Nations has to say is beyond me. One doesn’t have to look hard for articles on the rampant corruption in this unaccountable bureaucracy, but one of the best articles on this problem can be found here: http://www.cato.org/pubs/pas/pa-253.html

    Wind turbines and solar panels will cause the cost of electricity to skyrocket, as Obama promised when he was running for President. What they will also do is reduce consumption because you cannot consume something that is not there. I understand the desire to live in a clean world. I understand the desire to live in a world where everyone has enough food, a roof over their head, clothing, clean water, education….. I also understand that never in the history of mankind has any government acted to bring about the aforementioned utopia when it has not led to wholesale slaughter, mass suffering, looting by the privileged and unaccountable, and a call for a return to self-governance.

    Climate change has always existed; SUV’s and coal plants have not. The megalomaniac’s desire to rule the planet cannot be accomplished with rhetoric ala Adolf Hitler or Josef Stalin so the call was put forth to save mother earth – something no reasonably intelligent human could object to. But, as things unravel – and they are – more aggressive tactics to maintain an orderly march toward absolute control will be implemented with increasing incidence. When people feel the heel of the government boot on their throat they will become more and more restless. The lies will be exposed as the faithful also begin to feel the pain from the decisions they once lauded as necessary, never believing that they themselves would also be effected. The next 50 years are going to get increasingly ugly. At the end of the day it won’t work. It never does. Lies always unravel and there is always an accounting. Always.


  10. Sherri Lange  

    Thanks, Mary. The next 50 years….so many are talking about this. There will be unrest. A very dear friend recently read Joe Fone’s Climate Change, Real or Man made, completely and in as thorough a style as can be done. Underlined it, starred it, tagged pages. She is now studying as much as she can on the subject of climate fraud. Her comment, among many, is that every child being born should be handed this book as they come out of the womb. 🙂

    Let them have the truth from an early age, and a mindset to explore. Then they will be less inclined to accept the “heel of the boot,” as you so aptly describe.


  11. Exmap  

    “PS: For those who wish to separate the fraud of industrial wind from the climate-change fraud, we warn that they are one and the same.”

    Currently, at least. The fraud of industrial wind, like the fraud of mass solar electricity production, predates the GW scare. That fraud being the idea these unstoreable and intermittent electricity source would lessen the usage of other sources, or replace them. When AGW arrived the financial interests tagged along with a new excuse, greenhouse gases.


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