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American Climate Corps

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- April 5, 2024

DOE Secretary Jennifer Granholm recently posted:

The American Climate Corps will be key to scouting the next generation of climate leaders.

The Department of Energy is proud to partner with President Biden and six other agencies to train young Americans in clean energy deployment, conservation and environmental justice.

Climate totalitarianism be steps. Just imagine this road to serfdom with a bunch of marginal devotees checking your thermostat or trying to smell charcoal during the 4th of July.

Here are some comments to Graham’s post:

Paul Taylor: Please leave the kids out ot this creepy, leftist nonsense. Life is hard enough for them without using them as political pawns.

Randall Forsyth: In short, as an environmentalist and animal welfare activist, I am appalled by where my taxes are going, to solve a non solvable problem. We cannot control the orbit of the planets, we cannot affect climate change, one way or the other. We are too insignificant in the big scheme of things. But by fear mongering, there is a lot of money being extracted from the public to feed the Green industry.

Peter Bonk: Training brown shirts and storm troopers. And follow-up comments from him:

And my comment: “Sounds dangerous …. Can a critic of climate alarmism be a member of the American Climate Corps?”

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