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Cato Institute on Biden’s Earth Day Climate Summit, 2021 (goose-stepping on the road to serfdom)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- April 23, 2021

Ed. Note: The Cato Institute has long been an intellectual and advocacy force for climate realism (the global lukewarming school), as well as free-market energy policies in the face of climate alarmism. This post shares Cato’s work on both issues in this historic week of climate activism to, in President Biden’s words, “set America on a path of net-zero emissions economy by no later than 2050.”

This post will be updated with any new material from Cato on these subjects.


[Nothing on Earth Day] [!!]

[April 23rd: Electric Vehicles and the Biden Infrastructure Plan]

This post by Chris Edwards is just regular fare with little-to-nothing to do with the climate/energy transformation war raging outside of Cato’s windows.

The piece is also very shallow and politically correct, trying to make the argument that more government subsidies are not needed because electric vehicles (EVs) can now stand on their own…. Incorrect

Edwards argues against new federal subsidies for EVs but fails to note that existing EVs and charging stations are already heavily government subsidized and thus overbuilt. The federal tax credit ($7,500 per vehicle to get the industry to where it is today). EV credits from regular car dealers for the regular cars they sell (CAFE requirement).

Edwards then states: “But EVs have many advantages, and market competition is making them better all the time. They will probably takeover, with or without subsidies.” Nope, not at all….

This is an artificial industry that needs to go the way of EVs more than a century ago–defunct as far as a viable option for general America.

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