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The Libertarian Case Against a Carbon Tax

By Jerry Taylor -- April 15, 2016

[Editor note: On this tax day, the author supplements his earlier The Conservative Case for a Carbon Tax with a libertarian view. His study begins with a critical assessment of government-, Malthusian-driven ‘consensus science,’ as well outlining the positive externalities of carbon dioxide (CO2) at ground level and in the atmosphere. His study then turns to political economy: government interventionism as a process (Austrian School economics), real-world governmentism (Public Choice economics), and the climate-policy insights of the late William Niskanen. The author’s critique of global CO2 pricing, border adjustments, and equity adjustments in light of F. A. Hayek’s ‘knowledge problem’ is particularly relevant to today’s debate. Calling for an end to the Paris Accord, the author champions universal liberty as the new climate policy.]


  1. David Huzelman  

    Gosh, that Jerry Taylor of the Cato Institute is such an articulate and fluent defender of libertarian principles (NOT!)


  2. rbradley  

    You just have to read between the lines in the above.


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