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Eco-terrorism: Energy Partners vs. Greenpeace (key points of complaint)

By Warren Martin -- September 18, 2017

“When environmental groups act to endanger the very environment they claim to be defending, what conclusion must be drawn in regards to their purpose? There goal is not transparency, truth, nor are these isolated incidents. It is a attempt to reverse the march of progress. As one environmental protestor recently stated at an Occupy rally, ‘Our very existence is bad for the planet.’ And another, ‘if you take humanity off this planet, the planet would explode with prosperity.’”

Energy Transfer Partners L.P. has sued Greenpeace International, Earth First!, Red Warrior Camp and numerous other parties accusing them of collaboration as a “Criminal Enterprise”. The suit states “the Enterprise” collaborated to incite terrorist acts, vandalism and the fabrication of false information in an effort to generate publicity for the purpose of raising money.…