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Fracking Becomes the Centerpiece

By William D. Balgord -- March 1, 2017

“Despite no demonstrated adverse effects of fracking, opponents of fossil fuels—in the spirit of “keep it in the ground”—continue their well-funded campaigns impugning the industry and anyone else who dares challenge them. It is incumbent on the mainstream media to pursue the truth wherever it leads and accurately inform readers about fracking.”

You’ve read about a process that’s bringing abundant natural gas and petroleum to market while reducing costs to US consumers. Expect more developments soon, as President Trump’s energy plans emerge.

Hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas wells, “fracking” for short, applies horizontal drilling techniques followed by pumping high-pressure liquid into petroleum-rich shale deposits, typically at depths more than a mile beneath the surface. The slurry, containing grains of sand, forces apart thin layers of shale (resembling a deck of playing cards) releasing hydrocarbons locked in the dense matrix. …