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Pipelines and Liberty (eminent domain is a government intervention)

By Tim Moen -- September 7, 2016

“A better solution would see pipeline companies negotiate with landowners privately to access their property and come to terms on compensation. While some might argue this will slow down pipeline production, given the recent difficulties the industry has faced getting ‘stakeholder’ and government approval, I am confident private negotiations that respect property rights are ultimately more practical for industry.”

Yes, you can support energy transport and keep your property rights, too.

Affordable, reliable energy has been one of the greatest liberating forces in human history. Oil and other fossil fuels have made life immeasurably better for much of mankind. We live longer and enjoy greater prosperity because of oil and those who drill it, ship it and refine it.

Despite this, when I was asked at an all candidates debate while running for office in Fort McMurray representing the Libertarian Party of Canada whether I was “pro-pipelines or anti-pipelines,” I wasn’t able to provide a definitive answer.…