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The Carbon Scrooges

By Thorpe Watson -- December 23, 2016

The following article is a revised version of the email recently sent to 186 politicians in BC, Saskatchewan, and Ottawa, including 28 federal Senators.

I urge everyone to include politicians in their circulation lists. Recognizing that politicians are flooded with appeals, you may wish to preface your submission with something that will attract their attention such as the following:

  • Are you prepared to accept Dr. David Suzuki’s climate-related suggestion that “politicians should be thrown in the slammer for wilful blindness”? (For our USA cousins, David Suzuki is Canada’s “Al Gore”. When Suzuki threatened politicians with imprisonment, he was actually threatening climate sceptics, not realizing that his threat could backfire.)
  • Are you prepared to cope with the wrath of an angry electorate that is suffering the lifestyle consequences of a low-carbon economy?