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“An Orchestrated Campaign” (behind those climate lawsuits)

By Spencer Walrath -- July 5, 2018

“If you think that [the strategy of #ExxonKnew] sounds like a threat to free speech, you’re right … [as] activists have admitted ….”

“Their goal from the beginning: use litigation to link energy producers and tobacco companies, according to a summary report that the workshop attendees published.”

“Emails obtained under Freedom of Information requests have also shown that many of the state AGs invited to the March 29, 2016, press conference with Schneiderman and Al Gore actually refused to join the #ExxonKnew campaign, over concerns about its scope and intent.”

“From the very beginning, the #ExxonKnew campaign was orchestrated by the Rockefellers and anti-fossil fuel activists who want oil and natural gas companies to ‘pay’ for climate change.”

Well-devised and generously funded environmental campaigns are nothing new. But from the very beginning, the #ExxonKnew campaign has been different.