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Ten Reasons Kemper Is Bad for Consumers (Haley Barbour, Mississippi Power boondoggle)

By Steve Wilson -- June 16, 2015

Mississippi Power ‘s Kemper Project integrated gasification power plant is likely the most controversial energy project in state history. The $6.219 billion plant is two years behind schedule and billions over budget and is designed to convert the state’s abundant lignite coal reserves into a natural gas-like substance called synthesis gas, or syngas, to burn in its 582-megawatt electricity-generating turbines. Its construction has been plagued with construction delays, additional costs and a lawsuit that went to the Mississippi Supreme Court.

Here are 10 reasons why Kemper is a bad deal for Mississippi Power customers and the state in general.

  1. Kemper has already resulted in an 18-percent rate increase and more could follow

The utility has already increased rates on its nearly 187,000 customers in south Mississippi 18 percent. The higher rates will pay for Kemper’s construction costs.…