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Industrial Wind Goes Low in Western New York

By Ginger Schröder -- June 13, 2019

Editor note: Yesterday’s post described media coverage of an application by Invenergy to construct up to one hundred 600-foot-tall wind turbines in three counties in western New York. Today’s post reproduces remarks given at the hearing on this application (subtitles have been added for clarity).

“Invenergy will … cut corners, skirt obligations, bully oppositional viewpoints and do anything they can to cram this project in, all in the name of alleged green energy. The only think green about this project is the money flowing into Invenergy’s pocket in the form of wasteful taxpayer subsidies.”

My name is Ginger Schroder.  I and my husband own and reside on a working farm that specializes in heritage and exotic breed poultry in Farmersville New York.  My town is a proposed “host” town.

Public Participation Issues

A brief word about public participation. …