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Alaska’s Crisis of Leadership

By Dave Harbour -- July 13, 2016

“The last two decades plus of governors and legislators have ignored the reality of a coming unsustainable state fiscal policy. And, even if we were to charitably credit the long line of politicians with having good intentions (i.e. note the many now considering retirement ‘while the getting is good’), we remind ourselves in the same breath that roads to hell and insolvency are both paved with good intent.”

Since the early 1990s the University of Alaska – Anchorage’s Institute of Social and Economic Research has been advising state leaders to bring spending in line with a declining Prudhoe Bay revenue stream.

Throughout the last fifteen years, we at Northern Gas Pipelines have added our editorial voice to ISER’s more scientific, economic analyses.  And with every passing year, ISER’s pleas for fiscal sanity have grown stronger.…

Energy Warring in Canada: Free Market Capitalism, Anyone?

By Dave Harbour -- March 14, 2016

“Those rejecting just and reasonable (i.e. ‘rule of law’) fossil-fuel decision-making in the name of ‘climate change, global warming, an ‘”abundance of caution'” or other alibis’, are either ignorant of the realities laid out above or treacherously aware of their effort to undermine the public interest in pursuit of their own accumulation of power.”

In a recent Calgary Herald editorial, Chris Nelson takes on the Quebec hypocrites and enviroactivists stonewalling TransCanada’s Energy East Pipeline Project, a 2,858-mile pipeline that would carry 1.1-million barrels/day of crude oil from Alberta and Saskatchewan to refineries in Eastern Canada. Part of the project converts TransCanada’s underutilized natural gas facilities to oil.

Here we stand: the powers out of Quebec have decided to block a market-supported oil pipeline to Alberta, and Edmonton could retaliate by banning Alberta from buying British Columbia’s excess electricity until the national government reverses its pipeline obstructionism.

Seattle Hearing on Shell’s Arctic Rig Docking: A Clash of Visions

By Dave Harbour -- May 14, 2015

“I have observed natural resource hearings for four decades. Never has such a pervasive, activist, elitist, anti-civilization mentality so pervaded our society as that on display at this hearing.”

Earlier this week, a hearing was held by the Seattle Port Authority about the impending arrival of Shell Oil’s offshore drilling equipment, which needs a docking for its Arctic mission this season. The hearing room was packed past overflow for what turned out to be a five-hour debate.

The result will not stop Shell from arriving at Terminal 5, although four of the five commissioners asked for delays as supported by Seattle Mayor Ed Murray. A summary of the testimony from a pro-energy, pro-Alaska perspective follows.

Alaska Witnesses

Many testified. All but one (i.e. a Mat-su area environmentalist who criticized Alaska’s position on natural resource development) represented themselves professionally, presenting actual facts and history relating to the century-old relationship between Seattle and Alaska.…

Repsol, Burned in Argentina, Comes to Alaska (but will the state’s tax reform survive referendum?)

By Dave Harbour -- October 25, 2013

Obama's Quiet Executive Order: Reaffirming and Expanding Federal Powers

By Dave Harbour -- April 18, 2012

Alaska Energy: The Battle Continues (but we cannot grow weary)

By Dave Harbour -- July 11, 2011

New Oil and Gas Study: Robust Oil and Gas Resources Could Be Developed for Consumers and Taxpayers (big opportunity for decision makers!)

By Dave Harbour -- February 25, 2010