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Beyond “Flood Zones:” Time to Personally Floodproof Homes and Businesses

By Barry Klein -- September 13, 2017

“We’ve had heavy back-to-back rainfalls before. So I don’t think it’s the new normal. When you talk about a 1 percent chance of happening [in a given year], it can happen. You can flip a coin and have it come up heads 10 times in a row. It’s just, statistically, it shouldn’t happen, but it can.”

Mike Talbot,  then Executive Director of the Harris County Flood Control District (2016)

“Floodproofing needs to be routine for Houston area property owners based on their individual perception of risk. Each property owner would consider their elevation in the landscape, distance from nearby bayous and channels that can overflow, and whether their home or business sits on concrete pads or pier-and-beam foundations.”

Barry Klein (below)

I live in a 100-year old house in Houston.…