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Students for Liberty: A Grass Root Challenge to Statist Education (1,750 groups in sight)

By Alexander Cobin -- November 6, 2014

“The student movement for liberty has grown dramatically … to the point that it is a vibrant part of campus life these days, and people are starting to notice it.”

The school year is in full swing, which means that Students For Liberty (SFL) is running at full steam to introduce students to the ideas of liberty (especially the millions of freshmen who just started their collegiate careers).

There is good news: the statists are running scared, and we are succeeding.

You may often hear reports from full of dire warnings about Marxist professors trying to indoctrinate classrooms, hostile university bureaucracies inhibiting student organizing, and restrictions on free speech that cause a chilling effect on open discourse. [Editor note: many have experienced progressivist professors either ignoring or dismissing pro-freedom thinkers and arguments.]…