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Energy & Environmental Review: March 18, 2024

By -- March 18, 2024

Ed. Note: This post excerpts energy and climate material from the Media Balance Newsletter, a free fortnightly published by physicist John Droz Jr., founder of the Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions. The complete Newsletter for this post can be found here.

Unreliables (General):
Report: Green Guardrails
America’s Energy Scam
Green Tyrants Get Horrible News as Finance Giants Pull Out Left and Right
High Costs, Greenlash Hit Europe
Transition? What Transition?

Wind Energy — Offshore:
CFACT says offshore wind violates Clean Air and Clean Water Acts
Renewed push to put wind turbines in Lake Erie gets blowback in Hamburg

Wind Energy — Other:
*** Taking the Wind Out of Climate Change (referencing 60± studies)
*** French Council of State annuls wind turbine permits, major impact on energy future
*** Irish High Court Slams Wind Turbine Operator for Noise “Like planes that Never Land”

Solar Energy:
US Solar Factories Are In for ‘Rude Awakening,’ Report Warns

Fossil-Fuel Energy:
Policymakers are clueless that all energy sources came after the discovery of oil

Electric Vehicles (EVs):
EVs lose market share across Europe in January

Miscellaneous Energy News:
*** Short video: Energy and the Poverty of Nations
*** These 10 Charts Caused an NGO Hissy Fit at NARUC
*** Net Zero Emergency Power
America Is Running Out Of Power, Is Rationing And Soaring Energy Prices Ahead?
America’s Energy Scam: A Deliberate Exploitation of Humanity that Only Increases Emissions!
Heat Pumps Could Quadruple Your Electricity Consumption
Robert Bryce: A Sunday Roundup
When Technocrats Intentionally Sabotage A Nation’s Energy Supply

Manmade Global Warming — Some Deceptions:
*** Experts: Trillions Spent on ‘Climate Change’ Based on Faulty Temperature Data
*** The “climate disclosure” fraud
The Continuing Albedo Change Warms the Earth More Than Twice as Much as CO2
The Sad Joke of Climate Change Politics
Did Exxon Make It Rain Today?

Manmade Global Warming — Miscellaneous:
Climate Fact Checks: 2024
Methane is Responsible for 30%± of the Current Rise in Global Temperature
New Book: Everything Reminds Me of Tim: Biography of Tim Ball

Manmade Global Warming — Farming:
Why Not to Worry about Farming’s Contribution to Global Warming
The Battle for our Grasslands and Livestock
The Big Squeeze: Over 140,000 U.S. Farms Lost In 5 Years

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