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Energy and Environmental Review: October 18, 2021

By -- October 18, 2021

This fortnightly Master Resource post excerpts energy and climate material from the Media Balance Newsletter, published every other week by physicist John Droz Jr., founder of the Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions. The complete MBN for this post can be found here.

Of special interest in this issue is Jim Clarkson’s essay on the future role of natural gas.

Renewable Energy Health and Ecosystem Consequences:
A Closer Look at Renewable-Energy Disposal
More endangered right whales using New England wind energy areas
Turbines aren’t running at night, to save bats. Should customers pay for that?

Wind Energy:
China’s Stunning Green Energy Collapse Should Come As No Surprise
Dr. Ausubel: Wind may be renewable, but it is not green
Filmmaker annoys climate freaks by telling the truth about wind energy
Biden administration plans for massive expansion of offshore wind projects

Solar Energy:
How Virginia farmers say solar project is destroying their land
NY DEC Releases New Regulations for PFOA, PFOS, and 1,4-Dioxane in State Waters

Nuclear Energy:
Nuclear Energy Could Bridge The Energy Transition Gap
Macron pushes nuclear, hydrogen power in €30 billion plan to reverse industrial decline
Dominion asks for VA’s approval of plans to extend life of nuclear plants beyond 2050

Fossil Fuel Energy:
Left-Wing Groups Plan ‘Civil Disobedience’ to Ban ‘Fossil Fuels’
Natural Gas WILL Play A Big Part in America’s Energy Future!

Miscellaneous Energy News:
California’s Version of the Green New Deal is What’s Creating the Shipping Backlog
Will The U.S. Stop Repeating Germany’s Mistakes?
The Grid Isn’t Ready for the Renewable Revolution
Report: Failure of Net Zero policy ‘virtually certain’
NC Disaster: Democrat Energy Bill supported by Republicans
CLCPA Is Slow Motion Train Wreck for New York Energy Future
Puerto Ricans fume as outages threaten health, work, school

Manmade Global Warming — Some Deceptions:
Harm from war on hydrocarbons exceeds harm from climate change
The Big Hoax: 13 Myths about Climate Change
The crafty language of climate alarmism
Whistleblower Calls Out Wall Street Greenwashing
Short video: Terra Carta & A Green New World
Embarrassing: The DoD Climate Adoption Plan
Google bans ads, etc. that question ‘scientific consensus’ of climate change
IPCC AR6: Breaking the hegemony of global climate models
New Study Debunks Carbon Neutrality of Forest Biomass

Manmade Global Warming — Miscellaneous
Dr. Koonin: The use and abuse of climate science
Dr. Curry: Short Climate Slideshow
The coldest place on Earth just had its coldest winter on record
Figuring out the lack of connection between CO2 and ice ages
COP26: Hopes of an ambitious climate deal hit by China and Saudi Arabia
Clintel proposes a new way to analyze climate data
Clintel launches a new organization for climate imaging

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