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Energy and Environmental Review: November 1, 2021

By -- November 1, 2021

Ed. note: This fortnightly Master Resource post excerpts energy and climate material from the Media Balance Newsletter, published every other week by physicist John Droz Jr., founder of the Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions. The complete MBN for this post can be found here.

Of special interest in this issue is Michael Shellenberger’s article “Why the Pro-Nuclear Movement Is Winning,” previewing his next book: The War on Nuclear: Why It Hurts Us All.

Greed Energy Economics:
Congress eyes $235B in clean energy subsidies. Here they are
The Real Cost of Government Mandated Wind and Solar
New data on real offshore wind costs
Why Carbon Hysteria And Decarbonization Policies Are Economically Insane
Wait, who agrees NC electricity costs must keep going up? Not consumers
New Book: Green Murder
Study: Electric Cars Cost More To Refuel Than Gasoline Powered Cars
Solar And Wind Are Forcing Poverty On Africa

Renewable Energy: Health and Ecosystem Consequences:
Tucker exposes the hidden impact of green energy
Wind Noise: A Continuing Issue (night amplification)
The Dirty Little Secret: Wind Turbines Create Health Issues
EPA’s Commitments to Action on PFAS

Wind Energy:
Wind Turbine Failures Behind Europe’s Energy Crisis are a Warning for America
No Christmas for wind project operator or neighbors
Icebreaker wind project proposed for Lake Erie needs to find more financing soon
Plug-in cars are the future. The grid isn’t ready.

Solar Energy:
EPA Plans New Rules for “Forever Chemicals” (found in some solar panels)
NY’s CLCPA: Yet Another Industrial Solar Issue
Unintended Consequences of Solar Development Threaten Agriculture

Nuclear Energy:
Renewables are 5 times the cost of nuclear
IAEA, Poland Say Nuclear Energy Needed to Hit Climate Goals
Why The Pro-Nuclear Movement Is Winning
Sodium-cooled fast reactors and the future of nuclear energy

Fossil Fuel Energy:
The true feasibility of moving away from fossil fuels
Nature calls but the world is not listening
Fossil fuels form the basis of our medical and food supply chains
A toolkit to make existing Coal plants more efficient
Our Medical Industry and Food Supply Depend on Fossil Fuels
U.S. Coal Industry Says Almost Sold-Out For 2022

Miscellaneous Energy News:
The Dangerous Intersection of Energy, Politics and Shipping
Supreme Court to hear challenge to EPA climate change rules for power plants
Red China Tried To Go Green, Now It’s Going Dark
Will the Energy Crisis Be ESG’s Great Reset?
Global Energy Crisis Is the First of Many in the Clean-Power Era
Report: Energy Rationing is on the Horizon
Democrats’ Energy Agenda Puts Foreign Approval Ahead of American Families
Energy professionals: do you understand how the media works?
NYS Prop 2: A Dangerously Seductive Idea
Staggering $1.5 billion lithium deposit discovered in Maine
Maine Energy Facts

Manmade Global Warming — Some Deceptions:
Director of Berkeley Atmospheric Sciences Center, quits due to politics
Report: The underestimated role of clouds in global warming
Mankind’s Danger is Not Climate, but Policy that Uses Climate to Destroy Us
COP26 & The Great Reset: The Not So Glorious Prospect of Owning Nothing
A Flood Of Superficial Climate Reports
CLINTEL: Critique of the AR6 WG1 Summary for Policymakers
CLINTEL catalogs IPCC errors in time for UN COP 26
Don’t be fooled by claims of consensus, science is not a popularity contest
Big Tech is censoring the climate change debate

Manmade Global Warming — Miscellaneous:
CO2 Coalition unveils new website: co2coalition.org
The collapse of our values is a greater threat than climate change
G20 Rome summit deeply divided over COP26 agenda
Dr. Lindzen: China Warming
Laughing at climate hysteria
First Get the Science Right
Short Video: Is There Really a Climate Emergency?
Experts: Biden’s Climate Financing Plan Won’t Help Climate, But Will Push Country To Totalitarianism

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  1. Kermit  

    SW Louisiana outrage of 5300 acre solar farm on land owned by Sweetlake Land and Oil Company. Environmentalists ought to be outraged as this acreage is prime wintering habitat for ducks and geese in pasture (rice fields) and wetlands. It has produced a decent amount of oil and a lot of natural gas over the years. The waterfowl coexisted quite well with hydrocarbon production but won’t do very well with their habitat covered with solar panels


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