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Energy and Environmental Review: November 7, 2022

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- November 7, 2022

Ed. note: This post excerpts energy and climate material from the Media Balance Newsletter, a free fortnightly published by physicist John Droz Jr., founder of the Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions. The complete Newsletter for this post can be found here.

Greed Energy Economics:
*** Full Cost of Electricity “FCOE” and Energy Returns “eROI”
*** It is time to replace LCOE
*** Indiana says converting 1,052 MW of coal to gas will be $381M cheaper than renewables and storage
*** $3.8 Trillion of Investment in Renewables Moved Fossil Fuels from 82% to 81% of Overall Energy Consumption in 10 Years

Renewables (General):
*** Renewable energy is a failed path, scientist tells Utah legislators
*** Reliability is Key to a Successful Energy Transition
*** Grid Grief: Ideologues Refuse to Acknowledge the Big Problem!
*** China Won’t Rush Its Clean Energy Transformation, Xi Says
Subsidized fortunes, sketchy details plague state’s plan for 90% renewable power

Wind Energy — Offshore:
*** Dominion, VA-AG reach proposed agreement in offshore wind case
*** America’s Offshore Wind Projects Face Headwinds
*** The Great US Offshore Wind-Power Boom Has Begun to Falter
Wind power executives worry over US offshore ambitions
Offshore Wind: Experimental and Extra Uneconomic Energy
Wind turbines are a dangerous idea for Lake Erie
Two Massachusetts Offshore Wind Projects Postponed by One Year
Feds unveil plan to grow wind power while “sparing” rare whale
Offshore Wind: Experimental and Extra Uneconomic Energy

Wind Energy — Other:
*** The wind turbines on his Colorado farm are 20 years old. Who’s going to take them down?
*** When wind turbines caused sleep deprivation, lawmakers sided with Big Wind
Video: 100% Wind
Concerns raised over an energy storage project along the Missouri River
Launch Wind Turbines into Orbit

Solar Energy:
The Fruits of Mandatory Access

Nuclear Energy:
GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy facility to add 500 jobs; fuel facility to be built near Wilmington, NC
Dow goes nuclear: chemical firm will install reactors at US chemicals complex

Fossil Fuel Energy:
*** Epstein: America’s energy crisis is mostly US Democrats’ fault
*** Germany Dismantals a Wind Facility to Make Way for a Coal Mine
*** China is Burning More Coal than the Rest of the World Combined
US Has ONLY 25 DAYS OF DIESEL SUPPLY; Shortage Could Cripple Economy
Top Dems Urge Biden To Nationalize Oil & Gas Industry
Biden Backs Down On Russian Oil Price Cap
The world is transitioning to fossil fuels
Fetterman Fracking Flub Says It All: He Is Not to Be Trusted
Energy crisis the inconvenient consequence of demonizing the oil and gas industry
How Biden’s abuse of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to win votes harms our energy security

Electric Vehicles (EVs):
*** A Surprising Threat to the US Power Grid Could Plunge the Country into Darkness
‘Zero Emissions’ From Electric Vehicles? Here’s Why That Claim Has Zero Basis
The Science of Why Electric Vehicle Batteries Are So Dangerous
Inconvenient facts about electric cars

Miscellaneous Energy News:
*** Report:  Energy Inflation Was by Design
A Comprehensive Roundup Of Official Energy Madness
Full Cost of Electricity “FCOE” and Energy Returns “eROI”
Special Focus: Pathways for Sustainable H2

Manmade Global Warming — Some Deceptions:
*** Fake Science Fuels Climate Extremism
*** How Nonsense Masquerades As Science: Climate “Code Red” Example
*** Why Climate Change is a Fraud
*** Jordan Peterson: Eco-extremists are leading the world towards despair, poverty, and starvation
*** The climate ‘crisis’ isn’t what it used to be
Volcanic Eruptions, a Driver of Natural Climate Variability – ignored by IPCC
Tracking Water in the Tongan Volcano’s Massive Eruption Plume
The Myth About Global Warming Killing Off Ocean Life
Report: The Global Warming Hoax
About those errors in the climate change “gold standard”
Study: Why Restricting N2O Emissions is Unnecessary & Dangerous

Manmade Global Warming — COP27:
*** COP27 — the Camel’s nose of Loss and Damage enters the talks
*** With COP 27 Around the Corner the Push to get us to Net-Zero is Mind Blowing
*** Climate Change and the Lancet’s ‘Heat Death’ DeceptionSunak demotes two climate ministers and opts out of COP27
COP27 At Sharm El Sheikh: Africa’s Chance To Break From Climate ColonialisGreta: COP27 a ‘scam’ that provides platform for ‘greenwashing, lying and cheating’
CLINTEL: Open Letter to Global Leaders assembled at COP27
UN COP27 — It’s a gas, gas, gas

Manmade Global Warming — Miscellaneous:
*** New Lawsuit against the Supreme Court’s Endangerment Finding
*** 27 Questions for “Climate Change” Alarmists
*** The Warmists Cop a Plea
*** Sweden Ditches Agenda 2030’s Climate Change Scam
*** Green zealots are threatening real conservation
Good Climate-Change News Is Fit to Print
Climate Debate (Australia)
Life-Giving CO2 Should Be Valued, Not Demonized
UN Seeks $4 to 6 Trillion Per Year to Address Climate
Most major carbon capture and storage projects haven’t met targets
Media Must Take Responsibility For Greta Climate Panic

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