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Energy and Environmental Review: November 29, 2021

By -- November 29, 2021

Ed. note: This fortnightly Master Resource post excerpts energy and climate material from the Media Balance Newsletter, published every other week by physicist John Droz Jr., founder of the Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions. The complete MBN for this post can be found here.

Of special interest in this issue is Robert Bryce’s Senate testimony.

Greed Energy Economics & the Environment:

World’s largest offshore wind facility ‘unprofitable’, govt funded report confirms
Britons face record bill as wind farms perform poorly again
National Audubon Society sues county over wind turbine project: ‘A population sink’
Swiss wind project ordered to scale back to protect birds

Wind Energy:
Party’s Over: Unreliable Wind & Solar Ditched In Favor of Reliable Nuclear & Gas
Climate change, “wind droughts” and the implications for Wind energy
Long Island Power Authority sued about offshore wind project
Second lawsuit filed by opponents of proposed VA wind project
Interior Department approves 2nd large U.S. offshore wind project
NY Supreme Court Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging Renewables Siting Policies
Ohio Commissioners Restrict County Wind and Solar Projects

Solar Energy:
VA County Commissioners Rebuff Solar Proposal
Solar Energy Isn’t As Green As You May Think
NY Town’s Industrial Solar Project Shows State Has No Clue

Nuclear Energy:
Why was Nuclear side-lined at COP26?
TerraPower picks site of first Natrium reactor
Uranium & Nuclear Power Play a Critical Role in the U.S.
California needs to keep the its nuclear plant open to meet its climate goals

Fossil Fuel Energy:
Europe was already facing a winter gas crisis. The risks just got even bigger
Putin sounds alarm bells after seizing control of Iran gas in ‘final act to secure Europe’
Methane Tax Another Case of the Elitist Empire Striking Back
President Biden’s Latest Oil Directives Lead To Nowhere Very Fast
Joe Biden to Recommend Increasing Red Tape, Fees on Oil Industry 

Miscellaneous Energy News:
Excellent: Robert Bryce committee testimony for U.S. Senate hearing on Energy Prices
Time To Reform Virginia’s Energy Policies
How cobalt-free batteries will bring down the cost of EVs
Needed: A rational and affordable climate policy
The Democrats’ Incoherent Energy Policy

Manmade Global Warming — COP26:
The ghastly charade in Glasgow and the West’s self-flagellation over the climate
Here’s why COP26 was a total waste of time, money, and carbon
‘Useful idiots’ who let China off the hook
COP26: ’Trans Nonbinary Liberation Is Eco-Justice!’
Report: Climate Change is more than CO2 and CO2 is more than Climate Change

Manmade Global Warming — Some Deceptions:
50 years of predictions that the climate apocalypse is nigh
The Profound Junk Science of Climate
Biden administration jockeying to create a $15B climate change slush fund
EPA: Cleaner air is more deadly
How the BBC is crushing the climate debate
Not Enough Energy To Keep 8 Billion People Warm On A Cooling Planet
Pentagon Says Climate Change is as Big a National Security Threat as China
Study: Modelers Got Aerosols Wrong…CO2 Climate Sensitivity likely .4°C Overstated!

Manmade Global Warming — Miscellaneous:
Important Peer-Reviewed Papers on Climate Change
The silly science of climate alarmism
Solar variations controversy
The Fight Over Climate Change’s Price Tag
Study: NY CLCPA will have a net cost of $300± Billion
In Their Pursuit of Climate Nirvana, Politicians Ignore the Consumer
Short video: Chicken Little Pox: climate change pandemic
The Supreme Court will hear cases that could undercut Biden’s climate agenda

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