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Energy and Environmental Review: September 25, 2023

By -- September 25, 2023

Ed. Note: This post excerpts energy and climate material from the Media Balance Newsletter, a free fortnightly published by physicist John Droz Jr., founder of the Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions. The complete Newsletter for this post can be found here.

Greed Energy Economics:
*** The “cheap wind power” myth is blown away
Traders in CO2 Credits Saddled With Vast Stranded-Asset Pile
Economic Suicide: Germany Passes Green Heating Law Mandating 65% Renewable Energy

Unreliables (General):
*** Giant utility rejects net zero power, big fight follows
*** ACEEE says heavy industry should become intermittent
*** Growing Maze of State and Local Laws Challenging Biden’s Energy Push
In the Wonderland of Wind and Solar, Down Can Be Up
Devastating risks of transitioning to ‘green’ energy

Wind Energy — Offshore:
*** Endangered Whales Unprotected with Wind Industry in Violation of Sonar Limits, New Research Finds
*** Why won’t Greenpeace admit that wind turbines may be killing whales?
A tale of two whale protection groups
Blown It? Offshore wind’s troubles reveal a much larger problem
Offshore, Off-Budget and Offensive Wind Energy

Wind Energy — Other:
*** Taking the Wind Out of Climate Change (referencing 60± studies)
Brazil’s Big Cats Under Threat From Wind Turbines

Nuclear Energy:
*** Ms. Nuclear Energy is winning over nuclear skeptics
*** The New Face of Nuclear Energy Is Miss America
An Air Force Base in Alaska is getting its own Nuclear Reactor

Fossil Fuel Energy:
*** Dominion Plan to Maintain Gas Attacked at SCC
*** FERC approves gas projects despite calls for fossil fuel phaseout
*** RFK Jr. Promises To Ban Fracking Despite Massive Negative Impact
The Cavernous Hole In American Energy Policy
Meet the Oil Man in Charge of Leading the World Away From Oil
New York Urgently Needs To Confront the Contradiction of Trying To Electrify Everything While Also Eliminating Fossil Fuels

Electric Vehicles (EVs):
*** No, EVs Don’t Help Auto Workers, Drivers, or Planet Earth
China is Dominating the EV Market and EV Policy
Will the UAW strike perpetuate the Death Spiral already mandated for the automobile industry?
Car dealership to close after nearly 60 years
The Collapse of the EV SPACs: Another One Goes Bankrupt, Others on the Verge
European Nations Set to Join UK Backsliding on Green Car Rules

Miscellaneous Energy News:
*** Is the future of energy Geothermal?
Eden Geothermal Energy Project

Man-made Global Warming — Some Deceptions:
*** Meteorologists, Scientists Explain Why There Is ‘No Climate Emergency’
*** Warm-Mongers vs. Classical Liberals
*** New paper reveals classic logical fallacy in IPCC report
*** Carbon Language in Global Error
*** The orchestrated disinformation campaign by RealClimate.org to falsely discredit and censor our work
Extremism about Extreme Weather
Cooling the Rhetoric on Climate Change
Maui Sees Off the Climate-Change Ambulance Chasers

Man-made Global Warming — Miscellaneous:
*** Here’s the Climate Dissent You’re Not Hearing About Because It’s Muffled by Society’s Top Institutions
*** What’s Driving Climate?
*** World’s largest companies stall climate action despite promises
Button up Your Overcoat
Greenhouse Gas Theories and Observed Radiative Properties of the Earth’s Atmosphere
Archive Study: Molar Mass Version of the Ideal Gas Law Points to a Very Low Climate Sensitivity
Archive Study: Causes of differences in model and satellite tropospheric warming rates

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