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Energy and Environmental Review: September 11, 2023

By -- September 11, 2023

Ed. Note: This post excerpts energy and climate material from the Media Balance Newsletter, a free fortnighly published by physicist John Droz Jr., founder of the Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions. The complete Newsletter for this post can be found here.

Greed Energy Economics:
*** New Wind Energy Costs Blow the Doors Off Projections
*** Electricity from wind isn’t cheap and it never will be
*** Another fairy tale about the levelized cost of renewables
Wind farms gaming system to inflate millions earned when asked to halt production
Support for offshore wind sinks as costs soar
Low Interest Shown in US’ First Gulf of Mexico Offshore Wind Auction

Unreliables: Energy Health and Ecosystem Consequences:
Cobalt Carnage, Child Labor, and Ecological Destruction

Unreliables (General):
*** The US is facing a blackout ‘crisis’ – thanks to green energy
*** Why wind and solar power are running out of juice
California’s planning a renewable energy project at a scale never before attempted in the world
Maine town in path of proposed power corridor approves moratorium on utility lines
In Blow to Renewables, Ninth Circuit Mostly Upholds FERC’s PURPA Reforms

Wind Energy — Offshore:
*** Offshore wind project will damage ocean ecosystem with no environmental benefit
*** Offshore wind projects may be cancelled in NJ, according to report
*** This board advises RI on offshore wind’s impacts on fisheries: they all just resigned
Wind Industry Money Behind Media Misinformation about Whale Deaths
U.S. Offshore Wind Plans Collapsing

Wind Energy — Other:
*** Taking the Wind Out of Climate Change (referencing 60± studies)
*** Wind Energy Fails Texas
*** America’s Wind-Turbine Revolution Is Broken

Solar Energy:
What happened with Crescent Dunes?
Renewable Solar Comes with Recurring Waste Costs

Nuclear Energy:
Baran confirmation threatens Biden administration climate targets
The Richest Opponents of Carbon-Free Nuclear Energy

Fossil Fuel Energy:
*** Energy consumption by China (Note complete dominance of fossil fuels!)
*** China is building new coal power so fast that ‘energy transition’ by the West is meaningless
*** AAF on Biden’s Canceling Gas Leases in Alaska
California to expand fossil fuel project Newsom said he was ‘fully committed’ to shutting down
Boston bans use of fossil fuels to power the construction of public buildings
Once Again, Natural Gas Rescued Ontario From Blackouts

Electric Vehicles (EVs):
*** EV Fail: Car Dealers Turning Away From Electric Vehicles After Learning Harsh Economics Lesson
The Electric Vehicle Is Driving Away with Our Freedom
Nobody wants an electric car

Miscellaneous Energy News:
*** Consumer Watchdog Launches Campaign Exposing Duke Energy ESG Priorities Over Reliable Power Grid
Rebuke Duke Energy
New Duke Plan Would Add More Nuclear and Natural Gas but No Offshore Wind
More Proof That the “Electrify Everything” Push is a Regressive Tax
Every Problem With The Texas Grid Is Caused By Government Policy

Manmade Global Warming — Some Deceptions:
*** The Art of the Steal: Net Zero Is Unattainable
*** Zero Net EV Economic, Climate Benefits and Gov’t Admits It
*** The green movement is a disinformation campaign
*** Climate scientist says he ‘left out the full truth’ to get wildfire study published
*** Major Study: 40% of Global Warming Since 1850 is Due to Urban Heat Corruptions
*** Maui’s wildfire tragedy caused by “green” policies, not warming
*** Seven Proofs: Why Human CO2 does not control the CO2 level or the climate
We Can’t Change Weather, but Can Change the Hysteria Over It
Climate Change “Science” Is Nasty Political Sausage
New York Goes Peak Madness Over Environmental Justice
US Rejects China’s Bid to Hold Climate ‘Hostage’ Over Chips

Manmade Global Warming — Miscellaneous:
*** Nobel Winner Refutes Climate Change Narrative, Points out Ignored Factor
*** Dr. Steven Koonin Questions Conventional Climate Science and Methodology
*** 32-year Reuters veteran reporter comes clean on climate change: “I was wrong”
*** Over 1,600 Scientists Sign ‘No Climate Emergency’ Declaration
*** New study suggests global warming could be mostly an urban problem
*** A CEO Who Doesn’t Equivocate About Climate
How Democrats’ climate change agenda is blocking real change for America
Home insurers cut natural disasters from policies as climate risks grow
Climate Change & Weather
New climate film offers science-based relief from alarmism

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