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Energy and Environmental Review: March 28, 2022

By -- March 28, 2022

Ed. note: This post excerpts energy and climate material from the Media Balance Newsletter, a fortnightly published by physicist John Droz Jr., founder of the Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions. The complete MBN for this post can be found here.

Greed Energy Economics:
*** The New Greenwashing – False Advertising about Green Energy Jobs
*** Sow the Wind (Power), Reap the Whirlwind

Wind Energy — Offshore:
NJ to study environmental impacts of offshore wind projects
Environmental Organization Opposes Lake Erie Wind Project
Wind Turbine Generator Impacts to Marine Vessel Radar
Tsunamis may sink West Coast offshore wind
Indian tribe and conservationists fight California offshore wind turbines

Wind Energy — Other:
*** Wind project ordered to stop emitting night-time noise, pay neighbors damages
*** Energy reliability is everything
*** No Amount Of Wind And Solar Power Can Ever Provide Energy Independence
Renewable Failure
Iowa’s claimed wind energy percentage is wildly exaggerated
Judge says proposed VA wind project needs further review
More Confirmation of the Infeasibility of a Fully Wind/Solar/Storage Electricity System
Wind Turbines Of Madison County: MidAmerican Energy Prevails In Lawsuit
Leading Environmentalists Now Vigorously Oppose Turbines In German Forests
Local voices quashed in NY wind siting process
The wind projects angering renewable energy fans

Solar Energy:
*** Virginia community tightens solar project rules
Protect NY farmland from solar and wind development
Solar’s dirty secrets: How solar power hurts people and the planet
California’s solar market is now a battery market

Nuclear Energy:
*** Study: Radiation Hormesis: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
*** Indiana SMR bill signed into law
*** White House pivots to nuclear energy
What Happened To Nuclear Cruise Ships?
The Use of Nuclear Power Beyond Generating Electricity: Non-Electric Applications
Tech Billionaires Rally Around Nuclear as Energy Crisis Looms

Fossil Fuel Energy:
*** The fact is natural gas is accelerating our clean-energy future
*** How lying Putin spent millions spreading fake news about fracking
*** “ESG” efforts to rid the world of fossil fuels will drive us back to medieval times
Oil And The Eclipse Of Pax Americana In The Middle East
The world faces both a hydrocarbon shortage and a divest fossil fuels movement
China plans massive increase in coal mining
China Upping Its Use of Coal
Blame Biden for High Gas Prices
ESG Is Just Plain Evil and It’s Time to Fight Back!
What Our Betters Have In Mind For Us In The Era Of Fossil Fuel Suppression

Miscellaneous Energy News:
*** A ‘Plan B’ for addressing climate change and the energy transition
*** The runaway cost of virtue signaling
*** EV race ignores Russian, Chinese mineral speed traps
Report: Taking Back Control
41 Inconvenient Truths on the ‘New Energy Economy’
Geothermal: Radical Plan to Make Earth’s Deepest Hole to Unleash Limitless Energy
Further Thoughts on the Supreme Court’s Clean Power Plan Case
Congressional Letter to Yellen re Russian money to US Environmental groups
To say an EV is a zero-emission vehicle is not at all valid
Misdirected Energy Policy Is Harmful to National Security
Unrealistic energy policy vs. people’s needs
Experienced Engineers must take the lead in the Energy Transition
The Electric Vehicle Scam: Part 1 and Part 2
U.S. SEC Set To Unveil Landmark Climate Change Disclosure Rule
Manipulating Kids, It’s Child’s Play for Climateers
Water Vapor, Not Mankind, is the Greatest Contributor to Green House Gases
New York Climate Act: Cost Estimate Sleight of Hand
Climate change is about control, Stupid – Not the environment

Manmade Global Warming — Misc:ellaneous
*** FREE new Comic Book for Children about CO2 (written by realists)
*** The End of the Climate Change Legend
Short video: Climate Models are Debunked as Global Average Temperature falls at an ever-increasing rate
Biden is in Climate Denial
Ancient El Niños reveals limits to future climate projections
Democrats Soften on Climate As Reality Suddenly Appears?
Video: Professor Michael J Kelly – The Cost of Achieving Net Zero in Ireland
Discovery of Victorian-Era Data Suggests Extreme Weather Events Not New
Climate Alarmism Is Facing Collapse in Face of Reality

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