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Energy and Environmental Review: February 28, 2022

By -- February 28, 2022

Ed. note: This post excerpts energy and climate material from the Media Balance Newsletter, a fortnightly published by physicist John Droz Jr., founder of the Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions. The complete MBN for this post can be found here.

Greed Energy Economics:
*** The green industrial revolution is a lie
*** Wind farms were paid not to generate HALF their potential electricity

Wind Energy:
*** Limits to Green Energy Are Becoming Much Clearer
*** America’s Power Grid Is Increasingly Unreliable
The stampede of green lemmings
Wind Energy Developer Compares Opponents To Hitler And The Holocaust
Offshore Wind Power Has a Long Way to Go in America
One Year After Texas Blackouts, ERCOT Expects Massive Increase in Solar and Wind Capacity
Lies My Wind Developer Told Me

Solar Energy:
Large Western NY Solar Project In Planning Stages
China Extracts Yet Another Favor from Biden to Sell Us Solar
Spain’s Solar Energy Crisis: 62,000 People Bankrupt After Investing in Solar Panels
Wind and Solar expansion is a threat to biodiversity — but by how much?

Nuclear Energy:
Why smaller is better when it comes to nuclear power
NRC puts license extension for Turkey Point nuclear facility on hold, calls for new environmental review

Fossil Fuel Energy:
*** America and the unanswerable case for fracking
*** American Gas to Europe’s Rescue
Russia Has This Under Control…
Report: Restarting UK Shale Gas
Why NYS Energy Prices are Skyrocketing
The Future Of Global Coal Production
Canadian Gas Line Equipment Destroyed by Vandals
A little history of the hydrocarbon processing that meets society’s demands
Dakota Access Pipeline loses Supreme Court appeal, leaving its future unclear
China Negotiating Purchase of 100 Million Metric Tons of Russian Coal

Miscellaneous Energy News:
*** Short video: Excellent Electricity Analogy
*** Excellent Discussion of Batteries
Lithium-ion Batteries From Electric Vehicles Aboard The Felicity Ace Are Keeping The Fire Alive
Swiss government plans hydropower reserves and power plants

Manmade Global Warming — Some Deceptions:
*** Before You Save the Planet, Save the People Who Live in It
*** Report: Major problems identified in the data adjustments applied to a widely used global temperature dataset
*** Study: World Atmospheric CO2, Its 14C Specific Activity, Non-fossil Component, Anthropogenic Fossil Component, and Emissions
Biden’s Cost of Carbon Inflation
DOE: If You Don’t Embrace Climate Change, You Are Spreading ‘Misinformation’
Report: Virginia and Climate Change — Separating Fact from Fiction
Study: Onset of modern sea level rise began in 1863
Doomsday Climate Studies Turn Out To Be Overblown Nonsense
Climate Science Is A Lot Less Than It Appears in Some Cases
Movie: An Inconsistent Truth
Graph: Deaths from natural disasters by type, World, 1900 to 2020
Particulate Matter in Indoor/Outdoor Air Does NOT Cause Death
White House Hosts Roundtable Focusing on Climate Denialism

Manmade Global Warming — Miscellaneous:
*** Greenland’s Melting Ice Is No Cause for Climate-Change Panic
*** Steered Science (Review of ‘Unsettled’ by Steven E. Koonin)
*** Joe Rogan interviews Dr. Steve Koonin
*** Supreme Court Must Curtail the EPA’s Regulatory Overreach Immediately
Will the Supreme Court Rein in the EPA?
Farming the air (CO2)
Why global warming is good for us
Climate Change Strategy of “Saving the Planet” Misses the Point
Engineered bacteria convert captured carbon dioxide into chemicals for fuels, fabric and cosmetics
Facebook, other tech giants censor inconvenient facts about climate change
Report: The State of the Polar Bear
A Quick Guide to Climate Change Jargon

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