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AWED Energy & Environmental Newsletter: July 7, 2014

By -- July 7, 2014

The Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions (AWED) is an informal coalition of individuals and organizations interested in improving energy & environmental policies. Our basic position is that technical matters like these should be addressed by using Real Science. It’s all spelled out at WiseEnergy.org, which has a wealth of energy and environmental resources.

A key element of AWED’s efforts is public education. Towards that end, every 3 weeks we put together a newsletter to balance what is found in the mainstream media about energy and environmental matters. We appreciate MasterResource for their assistance in publishing this information.


Greed Energy Economics:

Brookings: Economically, Wind & Solar are Worst Options

Bill Gates: “I Used to Take Electricity for Granted”. No more.

Levelized cost of energy: A limited metric

Why “Green Energy” is Economic Nonsense

Solar (and Wind): Green for the Air, Filthy for the Grid

Solar power compared to some conventional sources

Rooftop Solar Leases Scaring Buyers When Homeowners Sell

Net Metering 101

Greenpeace: “a threat to national economic security”

France Proposes Substituting Unreliables for Nuclear

New Study: The Economic Impact of the Illinois RPS

Green-collar crime ~ carbon markets and financial crime risks

Houston man allegedly sold more than $29 million in fake renewable credits

Senator Manchin: Don’t renew wind tax credit (PTC)

Speak to Congress opposing the Wind PTC

Bearing Failures Cause Serious Problems for Wind TurbinesLightning Strike Destroys Turbine

More taxpayer dollars for green energy?

Why most internet reporting is very shallow


Turbine Health Matters:

Dr. Rapley’s detailed critiqueof the AMA’s position on wind energy

Wind power construction from the point of view of health protection

Court Backs Finding Of Wind Turbine Noise Problem

Air Force Veteran Battles Turbines, and Health Woes

VA hospitals fund solar panels while veterans wait for doctors


Turbine Wildlife Matters:

American Bird Conservancy Sues Feds Over 30-Year Eagle Kill Rule

Feds nix eagle penalties for California wind project

Six reports about turbines effects on domestic wildlife

Maine advocates concerned about imperiled bats — another turbine victim

UK Environmental group slams proposed wind project

Where eagles fly


Miscellaneous Energy News:

The EPA Rules From Hell Report

Nine states join lawsuit against EPA’s energy rules

Environmental regulator: Renewable energy is ‘unreliable and parasitic’

The New Global Energy Dictator

Renewable Energy Mandates Are Risky

Energy Independence” The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Engineer Andrew Dodson: Integrating Renewables

U.S. Fracking Has ‘Cut Carbon More Than The Whole World’s Wind And Solar’

NATO: Russian agents work with environmentalists against fracking

The Balancing Capacity Issue

Despite the hype, ‘carbon-free’ energy sources aren’t gaining traction globally

The Politics of Energy in the US

Breaking EPA’s climate science secrecy barriers

U.S. annual wind capacity factors by project and state (2011-2013)

India’s Government is Standing Up To The Green Bullies — Why Can’t Ours?

Canada opts for pipeline to send oil to AsiaNine Governors Object to the Federal Energy Plans

Democrat Senator: ‘People Would Have Died’ Without Coal Last Winter

Memo to Anti-Coal Warriors: Make Nuclear Peace

Remedy for Radiation Fear — Discard the Politicized Science

An Extraordinary Approach to the Problem of Understanding Nuclear Energy

NJ rejects offshore wind project for 2nd time

Indiana wind developer withdraws plans to build project

First Wind Sees Setbacks in Maine


Manmade Global Warming Articles:

The scandal of fiddled global warming data

NOAA quietly revises website after getting caught in global warming lie

Dr. Richard Lindzen’s talk at EIKE

The moment I became a climate skeptic

A Touch of the Random

What is a bigger threat to humanity global warming or greed?

Top Scientist Debunks Obama’s Science Advisory Climate Theory

American Physical Society May Finally be Seeing the Light

Scientist Reveals Inconvenient Glacier Truth to Alarmists

Climate Models Show a Major Discrepancy

Consensus of IPCC’s models say no big deal by 2100!

Climate change – less of a scientific agenda and more of a political agenda

Big News Part III: The Notch Means a Delay

The Catholic Church, climate change, and the shadow of Galileo

Volcanic Carbon Dioxide

Meteorologist: Global warming of the Earth’s surface has decelerated

Climate Alarmists Get Ugly

China’s Growing Coal Use Is World’s Growing Problem

Democrats use climate change as wedge issue on Republicans

Ocean Heat Content – Another simple evidence based rebuttal of AGW

The cost of climate change alarmism

Ground Thermometers Prove H2O, N2 & O2 Control Climate — Not CO2

Insurance Industry Loses Interest in Climate Hype?

Antarctic Sea Ice Growing Despite Global Warming Warnings

Study finds Antarctic ice sheet will have negative contribution to sea levels

Great Barrier Reef may withstand warming seas

Apollo Astronaut: Climate Alarmism Is the ‘Biggest Fraud in the Field of Science’

Our proposed national energy slogan is “All of the Sensible” (in contrast to the absurd “All of the Above”). Once legislators have grasped that concept, the foolishness of the “leveling the playing field” idea also becomes apparent. (Should the 18-wheeler trucks and golf cart playing field be leveled?) Additionally we should be using the term “unreliables” when speaking of renewables. Please pass these on. [US citizens should make sure to get up-to-speed with what is on our PTCFacts.Info pages, as the PTC is still a political issue.]

If you know anyone who would like to periodically like to get AWED emailings, please email me.

Thank you for your support.

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