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Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions: Recent Newsletter

By -- November 21, 2012

The Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions (AWED) is an informal coalition of individuals and organizations who are interested in improving national. state and local energy & environmental policies. Our basic position is that: 1) we do have energy and environmental issues, and 2) these technical matters should be resolved by using genuine science.

Instead our energy and environmental policies have essentially being written by those who stand to economically or politically profit from them. As a result of our current methodology, anything genuinely science-based in these policies is usually inadvertent and accidental.

A key element of AWED’s efforts is to educate the public. Towards that end we send out a newsletter every 2-3 weeks, and this attempts to put some balance into what the mainstream media is conveying about energy and environmental matters. The newsletter readership is now about 10,000.

Below is a sample newsletter that combines parts of the two most recent issues.

Since there was a national interview with AWED’s Dr. George Taylor on the US Weather Channel (re the PTC), I thought it would be appropriate to remind you of some turbine-weather related studies that apply in any country.

There have been several investigations done by independent scientists that have concluded that wind projects will have an affect (typically negative: like lower humidity) on local meteorological conditions — for as much as fifteen miles away! This is yet another unaccounted wind cost.

Here is one such study (University of Illinois), and a second on a different aspect, a third (George Mason University), a fourth (six PhDs, different schools), a fifth (seven PhDs, multiple institutions), and a sixth (MIT). Even offshore wind gets into the picture.


Two really important stories about Britain apparently coming to their senses regarding wind energy: here and here. Pass these on to your local, state and federal representatives about the writing on the wall — and also to those who say we should be following Europe’s lead.


The video of the interesting Epstein-McKibben energy debate at Duke University is here.

More reports about greed energy economics:

More evidence of wind energy’s negative pricing.

When there are utility handouts, keep this in mind.

Little-Known Filth Fouls Clean Energy, Costing Trillions

Green Energy Policy Hurts America

A fine speech at Google about why renewables are an illusion.

This Wind Intermittency Report pertains to such matters as the PTC.

A new study about real estate values changes due to turbines.

Wind cost predictions not being borne out by reality.

A new study concluding that a state RPS (Missouri) is an economics loser.

A list of some failed US taxpayer subsidized renewable investments.

The EPA officially acknowledges that they have no way to accurately calculate the costs or savings from their rules and regulations…

More reports about turbine health matters:

Protestors will be suffocated by low frequency sound machine — wait, that’s what turbines generate!

New peer reviewed study links turbines and ill health.

A superior interview about turbines with medical expert Dr. Carl Phillips.

A Danish report about wind turbine noise reality.


More reports about turbine wildlife matters:

Changes requested at America’s most deadly wildlife wind project.

Two articles about bats and wind turbines: here and here.

Expert warns of avian population collapse.


Miscellaneous energy reports:

A VERY powerful article about the moral and legal corruption in Denmark with regards to wind energy — written by a retired High Court judge!

More commentary on Britain’s newfound sensibility

What AWEA Doesn’t Want You to Know about Wind Energy.

Maine agency rejects wind development due to view impact

CFACT’s Energy Truth Filehas many good observations

An excellent article on wind NIMBYism.

A superb TED video about medical fraud — that also applies to alternative energy, global warming, sea level rise, etc.

Why Are Environmentalists Taking Anti-Science Positions?

More problem with German wind energy.

Some recent global warming articles of interest —

New studies about the global temps at earlier time periods.

Earth’s Energy Balance the Models are Wrong.

Very well written article about the Antarctic and global warming.

A scientific study of the accuracy of temperature measurements — which comes up with surprising (or not) results.

CFACT’s Climate Change Truth File has some good commentary.

Government funded AGW computer models continue abysmal performance.

Media duped by global warming polls.

If you (or some open-minded, science-oriented person you know) would like to get these free periodic newsletters, send me an email.


  1. John Droz  


    Due to this article, quite a few people have emailed me to ask to be on the distribution list of our free email newsletter.

    And there were some interesting contacts made!



  2. Mark  

    This got zero coverage in the “news.

    The Economic Impact of Missouri’s Renewable Energy Standard



  3. Bill Chaffee  

    Wikipedia seems to have a strong pro wind power bias in violation of their own neutrality policy.


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