I Am a Climate Researcher, and I Love Fossil Fuels

By Vijay Jayaraj -- October 8, 2019 10 Comments

“To call the very foundational energy blocks of our society ‘evil,’ and then deprive developing countries of the same fossil fuels, is hypocrisy of the highest order.”

“Fossil fuels have single-handedly pulled the majority of people out of poverty in India, my country.”

Global warming skeptics like me often get accused of getting “dirty oil money” for writing in support of fossil fuels. Or we’re called “climate deniers” and told we must not be real climate scientists.

Many of these people turn their attention to my identity and not to the arguments I make. That is convenient if you do not want to debate the claims made in the article; you shift the attention towards the author and not facts.

The climate alarmists—those who believe that the world is headed towards an imminent climate doomsday—do this because they believe skeptics have their roots in “big oil,” which they think funds all skepticism of dangerous manmade climate change.

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India Green Lights Fossil Fuels, Announces Electrification and Clean Cooking for All Rural Homes by 2022

By Vijay Jayaraj -- July 30, 2019 8 Comments

“As a young boy growing up in rural India with frequent power cuts, I never imagined that India would one day be able to announce a plan to supply electricity to all rural homes. But the tide has been changing ever since the 1990s when India embarked on economic liberalization.”

“India’s budget makes clear that the world’s largest democracy and one of its largest consumers of fossil fuels has openly declared its intent to promote the utilization of fossil fuel resources.”

The Indian government announced in early July that it will strive to ensure adequate housing, together with access to reliable electricity and clean cooking facilities, for all families in rural India by 2022.

Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman told Parliament that the goal was 100 percent electrification of all rural households—a critical need where people still die from indoor air pollution from primitive firewood-based cooking.

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Renewable Energy vs. Africa’s Renaissance

By Vijay Jayaraj -- July 1, 2019 6 Comments

Thirteen of the world’s 20 least electrified countries are in Africa. Around 630 million people live without access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa.

“What will help Africa defeat energy poverty: glorified renewables or time-tested, dense, reliable conventional energies?”

The African energy renaissance never happened. Most of the continent is still in the dark and far behind the rest of the world in energy production.

Now, the challenges faced by Africa’s energy sector have only been complicated by European interests in climate policy-driven renewable energy.

What will help Africa defeat energy poverty: glorified renewables or time-tested, dense, reliable conventional energies?

African Energy Situation

Africans are very nearly 1/6th of the world’s people, but they consume just 1/30th of the world’s primary energy. Thirteen of the world’s 20 least electrified countries are in Africa.

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China’s Coal Bi-Polarity Expedites the Death of the Paris Agreement

By Vijay Jayaraj -- June 20, 2019 8 Comments

The Paris agreement’s nosedive has been expedited by the growing skepticism about man-made global warming.

However, the most significant threat to the agreement has come from countries that refuse to quench their addiction to coal.  Among them is the largest consumer of coal: China.

China’s continued defiance of the anti-coal establishment has dealt a lethal blow to the future prospects of the Paris agreement. Here are some key indicators from China which suggest that the chance of a comeback for the Paris agreement is slim to none.

China’s Significance to the Paris Agreement

The Paris agreement is the United Nations’ flagship climate agreement that originally came into effect in 2015. Donald Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of the agreement served as the first blow to the agreement.

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