Wind-financed Exposé against Kevon Martis Backfires

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- May 1, 2023 3 Comments

“Delegitimization is a favorite tactic of the climate alarmist/forced energy transformation lackeys. They cannot conceive that a moral, reasonable person can be against a scheme to impose ‘clean’ energy on townships (really ‘machine up’ the great outdoors). Kevon Martis proves them wrong, and they cannot accept it. What will they come up with next?”

Kevon Martis has been profiled numerous times at MasterResource. His grassroots-truth-to-wind-power has been a game changer in Michigan and elsewhere. And he is a regular fellow, the epitome of the hard-working, successful American.

A news story by Michigan Capitol Confidential (Mackinac Center for Public Policy) tells the backstory of an attempted ‘hit job’ on Martis by a Leviathan. The article by Jamie Hope (March 28, 2023), “Wind industry declares war on Michigan man,” is one that should resonate with every citizen of every town threatened by government-enabled industrial wind turbines and/or solar arrays.…

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Are Grassroot Wind/Solar Foes ‘Cultish’? (Peter Sinclair vs. Kevon Martis again)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- March 3, 2023 2 Comments

“A major player in the renewable energy opposition in rural Michigan is Kevon Martis, who works for E&E Legal, a D.C.-based lobbying firm that gets funding from the fossil fuel industry.” (Sinclair, below)

“Those are the people funding Peter Sinclair: huge fossil fuel entities. Yet he plays the fossil fuel card against me when I have never received a dime from any fossil entity unless you count my cashback credit card used for gasoline purchases!” (Martis, below)

DC-based Big Environmentalism has a grassroots problem: local residents who do not like or want super-sized industrial wind turbines and multi-acre solar slabs. It is more than NIMBY since taxpayer dollars put such (unneeded, duplicative) machinery in play. But also respect the opposition’s rational concern about mega-machinery noise, visual blight, health effects, and property devaluation.…

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Kevon Martis Responds to ‘Heated’ Ad Hominem

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- February 10, 2023 3 Comments

“Though Martis’s crusade hasn’t been covered much by national media, clean energy advocates say it’s actively hamstringing the fight against climate change in the Midwest. A clean energy executive told HEATED and Distilled that if Martis gets to a community before them, their projects are almost certain to be blocked by the local government. The executive asked for anonymity in fear of being targeted by Martis.” (Heated, below)

“This piece is part of a new round of hits on people like myself who advocate for equitable siting of renewable energy projects. This new assault is being driven by current efforts in the Midwest by the renewable energy lobby to take away local control of wind and solar zoning precisely because it is demonstrably so unpopular and faces an ever-larger backlash.” (Martis, below)

Meet the man fueling clean energy opposition in the Midwest” by Michael Thomas is the latest from Heated, self-described as “A newsletter for people who are pissed off about the climate crisis.”…

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Kevon Martis Winning? Wind/Solar Targets His Message

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- January 11, 2022 2 Comments

“The politicization of energy policy yields little benefit to the environment or the rate payers. but it sure is good for corporate balance sheets.” (Martis, below)

Kevon Martis, a leading foe of uneconomic electricity and energy sprawl (see the appendix below), reported on social media yesterday:

Renewable energy developers and their paid henchmen like Peter Sinclair continue to lie about me.

I am not a lobbyist. Period. I am not for hire by any energy interest. I cherish my freedom of conscience and will not become a salesman for anyone.

All generation has virtues and vices. My sin is that I think energy policy should be established by a rational discussion of those virtues and vices and by a market that values those as well.

For the rent seekers, that is heresy and I must be destroyed.

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Ed Rivet vs. Kevon Martis: Renewables Imposter at Work

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Testimony Against Industrial Wind Power (Kevon Martis before the Ohio Senate and House Public Utilities Committees)

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Grassroots Opposition to Wind/Solar Projects: Martis Testimony in Michigan

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‘Old School Climate Denial is Back’ (Droz, Martis: take a bow)

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