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MasterResource Turns Two

Two years ago yesterday, MasterResource was launched by a group of free-market energy scholars.

Our concept was different from most blogs. With one in-depth blog per day, the idea was to create an open book of small mini-chapters, creating a scholarly resource and a historical record for the energy and energy/environmental debates. We now have 275 categories–the index of our ever expanding book.

Our total views have surpassed 700,000. Our rank at Technorati is #25 out of 6,369 “green blogs” (as of 12/26/10). We have a loyal, sophisticated readership. The comments add meat to the posts.

Most of all, our content will most assuredly meet the test of time as future scholars review MasterResource to understand the intellectual arguments and political discourse.

Here is the opening blog from December 26, 2008: [Read more →]

December 27, 2010   1 Comment

MasterResource Update: The Progress Continues (3Q–2010+ report)

The free-market energy blog MasterResource is nearing its second anniversary (first post: December 26, 2008).  Our viewership has steadily grown, and we have reached as high as #7 on the “green blog” list of Technorati (as of 11/24: #32 out of 6,246).

The strength of MasterResource is the quality of our bloggers, some well-known names in the free market movement and others new names with now uncovered expertise. In particular, we have tapped into a talent base of individuals who are critics of industrial windpower, many of whom come from an environmental background and now appreciate the free market perspective.

We also appreciate the hundreds of comments that our blogs are generating, which is more talent bubbling to the top. In addition to supportive comments, we post critical comments that are in good taste. We are not afraid to debate the issues so long as the critic is sincere and avoids attacks at the person.


MasterResource is grounded on energy realism (versus energy hype and alarmism). Our preference is for free energy markets over energy statism. We prefer voluntary solutions to private and social problems wherever possible and believe that the intellectual case is strong against government coercion from an intellectual elite (the smartest guys in the room, to use the Enron vernacular).

Our worldview can be summarized as follows: [

November 25, 2010   12 Comments

2Q-2010 MasterResource Update: The Progress Continues

MasterResource, a free-market energy blog, continues to attract new talent and a growing audience. We have had approximately 45 authors to date, and our cumulative views have exceeded one-half million.

We are not a mega-blog, but we are an important addition to the energy literature that will, like a good book, be accessed and referenced for years to come.

At Technorati, MasterResource has consistently been in the top 25 (out of 1,550) “green” blogs and has reached as high as #7. But more importantly, serious students of energy policy are regulars at our site, reading our once-a-day, in-depth post or tracking down material on what Enron/Ken Lay really did, what Jim Hansen or John Holdren really said, or what BP was doing under John Browne. We preserve the excesses of the smartest-guys-in-the-energy-room for posterity.

New Talent

MasterResource has proven adept at discovering important new voices for the energy history, reality, and policy debate.

Ph.D. economist and leading industry consultant Donald Hertzmark was one early find. Robert Peltier, editor of POWER magazine, was another. Kent Hawkins has brought his engineering expertise to MasterResource on the all-important question of wind intermittency and related emissions from fossil-fuel backup.

More recently, solar practitioner and expert David Bergeron has posted with us and plans to cover the the solar field for MasterResource. Bill Griesinger, a financial expert, is another new name that you will hear about more at this site.

Grassroots opposition to industrial wind turbines has brought some experts our way such as Jon Boone and John Droz. Their environmental credentials and in-the-trenches knowledge about wind turbines makes them more than just ‘talented amateurs’ in the energy debate.

And California, California. Robert Michaels and Tom Tanton are covering that state (as well as it can be done) for MasterResource. [Read more →]

July 3, 2010   1 Comment

1Q-2010 MasterResource Activity Report: Continued Progress

MasterResource’s growth and influence continues. First quarter visits of 115,000 were the highest in our five quarters of existence, and our total visits will exceed a half-million this quarter.

MasterResource is a top 25 “green blog” according to Technorati. We are currently #21 out of 2,172 qualifying blogs as of 4/10/2010, and we have reached as high as #14.

Our one-per-day posts are now regularly picked up by other blogs such as Tom Nelson and Junk Science, but also from time-to-time by the megablogs WattsUpWithThat? and Climate Depot.

MasterResource, the free market energy blog, is now a very top energy blog. Our scholarly and well categorized posts will remain relevant for many years to come. Each of us writes for the day but also for the record.

New Principal: Kent Hawkins

MasterResource is ‘owned’ by its principals, not any individual or organization. All contributions are in-kind, and no one has been paid for their efforts. (We are trying to raise some funds so that we can have the first annual MR retreat where some of the principals can meet face-to-face for the first time.)

Our principals have diverse backgrounds.  Some are salaried by an organization. Others take time from their consulting practice by writing for MasterResource. And others are retired and working on a labor of love.

Effective April 1, Kent Hawkins became the tenth principal of MasterResource. Mr. Hawkins has regularly posted since February on technical issues relating to windpower. [Read more →]

April 10, 2010   2 Comments

MasterResource’s 1st Anniversary: 300,000 Views; A Top ‘Green Blog’

Master Resource turned one year old on December 26th. We have gone from a few hundred daily views to more than a thousand per day on average, and the quality and variety of our energy-related fare continues to improve.

Of the 4,100 ‘green blogs’ listed by Technorati, MasterResource consistently ranks in the top 50 and has broken into the top twenty. MasterResource is the top free-market energy blog with an All-Star list of nine principals and distinguished guest bloggers, including Robert Bryce, Indur Goklany, Mary Hutzler, Jim Manzi, Randall O’Toole, and Vaclav Smil.

Suffice it to say that we have exceeded expectations, and 2010 should see continued high quality and expanded reach and influence. We hope to increase our international presence and invite new voices into the energy and energy-related climate debates.


MasterResource has documented the superior intellectual and practical case for free energy markets, which rests on these foundations:

  1. Energy, the master resource, is indispensable for modern society. Abundance, affordability, and reliability are necessary for the developed world to advance and paramount for the developing world to develop and prosper.
  2. The master resource depends on the ultimate resource of human ingenuity, which thrives under conditions of economic and political freedom. [Read more →]

December 28, 2009   6 Comments

MasterResource Surpasses 200,000 Views; Continues to Attract New Talent (3rd Quarter Report)

MasterResource continues to progress in its inaugural year. Our free-market energy blog has a top stable of primary writers, and we continue to attract quality guests that desire a unique home for their commentary.

MasterResource is a scholarly advocacy blog dedicated to energy/climate issues. One question we all ask ourselves is: how will this post appear tomorrow, next month, next year, or in a decade? Are we truth-seekers or mere shouters for the moment?  We advocate private property rights, voluntary market relations (instead of government coercion), and sound science, but our preference cannot come at the expense of scholarship (the factual record; logical and relevant theory). This is our standard, and we invite comments to this end from our readers. (1)

To date we have had 285 posts from 34 authors and approximately 1,750 comments from nearly 400 individuals. We are on the lookout for new talent and obscure writings that deserve a wide audience. Please contact me with requests or ideas.

Our Model

Our niche centers on:

(1) A focus on energy and on related environmental issues, particularly regarding the science, economics, and politics of climate change;

(2) Group participation (versus an individual or organizational blog) to attract top, diverse talent. We represent different institutions and backgrounds and employment situations;

(3) One in-depth blog per day to maximize attention to the writer’s work. [Read more →]

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Worth Re-reading Weekend (MasterResource works for lazy summer days too)

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150,000 and Counting –Thank You Viewers!

MasterResource, the world’s premier free-market energy blog, began the day after Christmas and is seven months old. Views of 50,000 in our first quarter have been followed by 100,000 in the second quarter. Viewership near one thousand per day is not bad for a scholarly start-up–and much growth potential remains.

Our Model

We are a group blog on the very important and wide topic of energy, including climate change, which is all about energy. Our bloggers come from a variety of institutions, nonprofit and for-profit. We have backgrounds in political economy, economics, environmental studies, philosophy, and engineering. We are thinker-doers who are open-minded and part of a challenge culture. No smartest-guys-in-the-room problem here.

In the increasingly crowded blogosphere, there will be a flight to quality to group blogs that have a clear theme. [Read more →]

July 25, 2009   1 Comment

Energy as the Master Resource: Where Left, Right, and Center Agree

“A reliable and affordable supply of energy is absolutely critical to maintaining and expanding economic prosperity where such prosperity already exists and to creating it where it does not.”

- John Holdren, “Memorandum to the President: The Energy-Climate Challenge,” in Donald Kennedy and John Riggs, eds., U.S. Policy and the Global Environment: Memos to the President (Washington, D.C.: The Aspen Institute, 2000), p. 21.

Julian Simon (1932–98) is an inspiration to many of us here at MasterResource. Indeed, this blog is named for Simon’s characterization of energy as the master resource. In honor of Simon, I have reproduced some quotations from the vast literature on that theme.

The primal importance of energy is recognized across the political spectrum as the views of John Holdren, Paul Ehrlich, and Amory Lovins attest. Affordable, reliable energy is thus the starting point for public policy debate. And oil, gas, and coal are the backbone of energy plenty, as even politicians are realizing now that government-forced energy transformation (energy rationing) is under debate.

“The future belongs to the efficient,” it has been said. And the foreseeable future belongs to the carbon-based energies.

Here are some quotations, beginning with Julian Simon’s classic. [Read more →]

July 3, 2009   4 Comments

Special Note to Our Readers (a record number of you)

This has been the busiest period in the short life of MasterResource (we are less than five months old). Our viewership this week has exceeded ten thousand, and cross posts on mega-blogs across the political spectrum have introduced us to new audiences. MasterResource, an energy scholars’ blog (but one that is accessible to the general reader), is on the map!

Two issues have driven our recent traffic. One is the temperature analysis of the Waxman-Markey climate bill by environmental scientist Chip Knappenberger. His straightforward analysis (but don’t ask me to use the MAGICC model!) reflects Chip’s usual careful scholarship. I expect that it will not need to be substantially revised (no complaints so far at RealClimate). But if errors are found, Chip will be the first to thank the reviewer and make the changes.

I know Chip personally, and I have worked with him for more than a decade. In our camp, he has a reputation for telling it like it is in regard to climate science and climate observations to “skeptics” and “alarmists.” Knappenberger’s beginning post in a series questioning “ultra-skepticism,” for example, has attracted critical attention (and maybe even made him some enemies in such a contentious debate). Expect more interesting posts from Chip in his effort to identify the middle way between “skepticism” and “alarmism.”

The second issue driving our record views involved Joseph Romm of the mega-blog Climate Progress. [Read more →]

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