Martis vs. Smucker: Industrial Wind on Defense

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- July 16, 2021 2 Comments

“I will grant that [Kevon Martis] gave a polished presentation of some very selected ‘facts’ totally trashing wind turbines and the power companies and wind energy companies associated with them. His one hour presentation had all of 5 seconds where he had something positive to say about wind turbines as ‘giving local entities a little bit of tax money’ (Don Smucker, below).

“If there was a substantive criticism in my talk, Smucker never proffered it and resorted instead to base name calling.” (Martis, below)

Industrial wind turbines: Dilute. Intermittent. Unneeded. Duplicative. Taxpayer/government dependent. Ugly. Noisy. Blade shadows. Flicker light. Bird hazard. Infrastructure heavy (steel, concrete, and land). Energy sprawl (service roads, long transmission to markets with line loss). Landfill issues.

Is wind the perfect imperfect energy for the modern electricity grid?

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Industrial Wind Turbine Health Issues: Evidence Grows, Politics Rise (Robert Bryce’s latest)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- April 28, 2021 1 Comment

“Since 2015, nearly 300 government entities from Vermont to Hawaii have moved to reject or restrict wind projects. Local governments are implementing a panoply of regulations to restrict the growth of wind projects including strict limits on noise, minimum setback distances, and even seeking licenses for heliports. A thorough review of the studies [has] documented the deleterious health impacts of noise from wind turbines.” (Robert Bryce, below)

MasterResource has followed the growing issue of negative health effects of industrial wind turbines. The latest was an update (March 18, 2021) from acoustical engineer Stephen Cooper regarding vibrations and infrasound (low frequency noise) from wind turbines on nearby residents.

Cooper, part of the wind power debate since his pioneering study of the Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm in southwest Victoria in Australia in 2014 (also see here), is a scientist to watch.

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Sleep Disturbance and Industrial Wind: Update with Stephen Cooper

By Sherri Lange -- March 18, 2021 7 Comments

“It would appear in our recent work that the major level of disturbance occurs during the change in the power output of the windfarm and that the percentage of the change is significantly less than that presented in Cape Bridgewater.”

“In Australia, residents can plot the output of an individual windfarm and identify the change in outputs that may be giving rise to the disturbance they are experiencing, which was shown in the Cape Bridgewater study.”

Master Resource has tracked the ongoing research of acoustical engineer Stephen Cooper into vibrations and infrasound (low frequency noise) from industrial wind turbines on nearby residents. [1] Cooper has been part of the wind power debate since his 2014 pathbreaking study of the Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm in southwest Victoria in Australia (also see here).

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U.S. Offshore Wind: Problems Aplenty

By Sherri Lange -- February 9, 2021 15 Comments

“Offshore bird mortality cannot be studied the same way we study land-based wind sites – by searching the ground for carcasses. The sea is an extremely harsh environment. Birds and bats killed by turbines are likely to become fish food, sink or drift away with the currents.”

– Christine Morabito, “Did Mass Audubon Sell its Soul to the Wind Industry?The Valley Patriot (June 2015)

Rationalizing Godzilla-sized industrial wind turbines has badly compromised the DC-based environmental movement. To the well-green-heeled, infrastructure-intensive wind turbines and solar arrays have to ecologically work. Or else the world is stuck with oil, natural gas, coal, not to mention nuclear, biomass, and hydro. Or else the time and emotions invested in the issue go to waste.

Imaging is the grand task of the eco-renewable lobby.

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Understanding Industrial Wind’s Production Tax Credit (Part III: The Future)

By -- August 19, 2020 4 Comments Continue Reading

Health Effects of Industrial Wind: The Debate Intensifies (update with Steven Cooper)

By Sherri Lange -- July 30, 2020 23 Comments Continue Reading

Big Wind Throws in the Towel in Lapeer County, Michigan (grassroots environmentalism prevails)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- June 3, 2020 6 Comments Continue Reading

New York’s Cuomo vs. the Grassroots on Wind & Solar

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‘Sensing but not Hearing’: Latest from Steven Cooper on Wind Turbine Nuisance (Part 2)

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‘Sensing but not Hearing’: Latest from Steven Cooper on Wind Turbine Nuisance (Part 1)

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