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AWED Energy & Environmental Newsletter: October 20, 2014

By -- October 20, 2014

The Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions (AWED) is an informal coalition of individuals and organizations interested in improving national, state, and local energy & environmental policies. Our basic position is that technical matters like these should be addressed by using Real Science. It’s all spelled out at WiseEnergy.org, which is a wealth of energy and environmental resources.

A key element of AWED’s efforts is public education. Towards that end, every 3 weeks we put together a newsletter to balance what is found in the mainstream media about energy and environmental matters. We appreciate MasterResource for their assistance in publishing this information.


Greed Energy Economics:

As Hawaii Prepares for Utility Reform, the State’s Solar Industry Sheds 3,000 Workers

The Dumb Ways We Subsidize Renewable Energy

Paying wind developers to not produce electricity, etc.

Energy trade group, green bosses rake in green

Technology revolution in nuclear power could slash costs below coal

UW fusion reactor concept could be cheaper than coal

Devaluation of wind farms to hit government coffers

Rush for wind farms threatens to push up household energy bills

British Minister admits carbon taxes are damaging British businesses

Rates to jump for Pacific Power, PGE customers in January: due to renewables

Renewables will double the cost of electricity by 2030

Could Initial Offshore Wind Projects Crash New England’s REC Market?


Turbine Health Matters:

County Board of Health declares local wind project a human health hazard

Sounds you can’t hear can still hurt you

Diagnostic criteria for adverse health effects in the environs of wind turbines

Low-frequency sound affects active micromechanics in the human inner ear

Infrasound Medical Study Recommends 1.25 Mile Setbacks

How Loud is Too Loud?

Video: why renewables equal death

Dr. Jay Tibbetts: Wind turbines impact human health

Wind Turbine Stray Voltage

For Crop-Dusters, Towers Pose a Hidden and Growing Danger

Turbine Opponent Calls 2010 Letter A ‘Smoking Gun’


Turbine Wildlife Matters:

Turbine Bird Mortality

Wind farm turbines take toll on birds of prey

Bird Carcass Count proves Wind Project is an Avian Slaughterhouse

Bats face increasing threat from wind turbines


Miscellaneous Energy News:

The Wind Energy Machine

Climate Rhetoric vs. Reality

A decade after welcoming wind, states reconsider

The Harvard Crimson:  The Fantasy of 100% Renewable Energy

Public Support for Big Wind Plummeting

Climate Change Has Jumped the Shark

Truth about Wind (in Maine, but most applies elsewhere)

Despite many more turbines, offshore wind energy production dropped 22%

Electricity supply, electricity demand and 100% renewables

Webinar: The Challenge Of Placing Intermittent Power Generators On The Grid

The Wind Power Problem

Done deal: wind turbine ban approved (Kentucky)

Britain’s Green Energy Fiasco Deepens

ITSSD steps up battle against GHG endangerment finding

Administrative Law in US (e.g. EPA) is illegal

The Australian Labor Party bails out on the ‘carbon tax’

Petition: Repeal the Ontario Green Energy Act

Cold fusion reactor verified by third-party researchers

Compact Fusion: It’s Closer Than You Think


Manmade Global Warming Articles:

Physical Theories and Computer Simulations in Climate Science

What’s Up With the “Bomb” Model?

New paper finds global temperature data trend prior to 1950’s “meaningless”

A senior politician tells the truth about Govt climate change policies

The terrestrial biosphere – a growing carbon sink

Study: Little correlation between rainfall, floods, etc and AGW

Dr. Pielke: The Rightful Place of Science: Disasters and Climate Change

Video: Climate Instability: Interpretations of Scientific Evidence

Fight against climate change ‘may cause more harm than global warming’

The Global Warming Statistical Meltdown

An Already Lost Battle Against Climate Change?

Real Science Debates Are Not Rare

A Rare Debate on the ‘Settled Science’ of Climate Change

Google’s Climate Name-Calling

Merchants of Smear

Sunspot Trends Suggest Global Cooling Ahead

Teens sue government over climate change

AGW — Is This The Greatest Scientific Myth of our Generation?

NASA Study Finds Earth’s Ocean Abyss Has Not Warmed

Study: Antarctica Ice declining due to geothermal causes, not AGW

Our proposed national energy slogan is “All of the Sensible” (in contrast to the absurd “All of the Above”). Once legislators have grasped that concept, the foolishness of the “leveling the playing field” idea also becomes apparent. (Should the 18-wheeler trucks and golf cart playing field be leveled?) Additionally we should be using the term “unreliables” when speaking of renewables. Please pass these on. [US citizens should make sure to get up-to-speed with what is on our PTCFacts.Infopages, as the PTC is still a political issue.]

Please pass this information on to other open-minded, science-oriented people. If you know anyone who would like to periodically like to get AWED emailings, please email me.

Thank you for your support.

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