Kansas Energy Freedom Now!

By Sherri Lange -- November 3, 2023 25 Comments

Nixing the Mandates in Kansas: Representative Carrie Barth (R-Dist 5) and former House Energy and Environment Chair, Dennis Hedke, reach astounding consensus on Energy Resolution: 180 to 1. There will be no energy “victims” in this state.

I don’t believe I am the typical politician. I don’t care about a political career or political threats. I care about doing the right thing. I care about people. Period! (- Rep Carrie Barth in an email, October 9 2023)

Carrie Barth (R-Kansas, District 5) and Dennis Hedke, unapologetic supporter of the U.S. Constitution, acclaimed author of The Audacity of Freedom (2011), geophysicist, and former member Kansas House of Representatives (former Chair of the House Energy Committee), have drafted a clean and accurate Resolution for the Republican Party. This passed with overwhelming support. It appears to acknowledge that wind is not a good corporate citizen.

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Windpower Noise vs. Farmers and Livestock: The View from Australia (Queensland)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- October 26, 2023 No Comments

“AgForce is aware of excessive noise complaints at both Mt Emerald and Coopers Gap Wind Farm with a court case on noise nuisance still in progress against the Mt Emerald Wind Farm5…. Noise pollution can cause … fatigue, headaches, elevated blood pressure, irritability, digestive disorders and increased susceptibility to cold and other minor infections.”

“AgForce also has concerns about the impact of wind farms on livestock…. The British Horse Society Advisory Statement recommends a setback of at least 4 times the overall height away from the path of horses to minimise safety risk.”

MasterResource has long reported on the health and nuisance problems of industrial wind turbines on residents and wildlife. There is a reason why such turbines are built remotely and need so much transmission, adding more cost to the high costs of dilute, intermittent, uneconomic energy.…

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Net Zero Not! Protest from the UK Grassroots

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- October 16, 2023 No Comments

“What we now have instead are vast centralised wind and solar power stations distributed outside of population centres, and quite distant to the eventual market for the third-rate power that is being produced. This is the exact opposite of the original proposals for distributed power located within population centres.

The public is up in arms against the great ruse “energy transformation,” predicted on climate alarmism and at odds with energy density (pushing dilute, intermittent inferiors). Here in the U.S., Robert Bryce’s databank of delayed/cancelled wind or solar projects is above 580 projects. I have personally argued that even if such a project is on private land, the taxpayer enablement gives standing to the locals who decry the project for other reasons (noise, lower property values, drainage, etc.). The fact that land and neighbors were there first means no homestead right to the rent-seeker.…

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Grid Wind Power: More Pre-history (1979 DOE bust)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- September 14, 2023 No Comments

“I was in Boone, North Carolina, from 1977 through May 1983 at Appalachian State and, trust me, we got many laughs out of this windmill. Especially how it generated one MW of reliable electricity and, somehow, did so without the blades ever turning.”   – Victor Culpepper

On social media, environmental scientist Victor Culpepper remarked (above) about an early wind project with reference to an article, Ill-Fated Windmill Just Outside Boone (July 11, 2016). A previous MasterResource post recounted the 1940–45 Grandpa’s Knob grid wind power project in Vermont; the article below from North Carolina’s Department of Natural and Cultural Resources summarizes a 1979 wind project.

On July 11, 1979, Boone celebrated “Windmill Day” with a street festival to dedicate NASA’s Mod-1, the world’s largest megawatt industrial windmill on Howard’s Knob.

The windmill was installed on the 4,400-foot peak as part of a program run by NASA and the U.S.

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Solar Farm Opposition: Rejoinder to Giberson (2)

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Private Property Rights vs. Industrial Wind/Solar: Reply to Giberson

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Are Grassroot Wind/Solar Foes ‘Cultish’? (Peter Sinclair vs. Kevon Martis again)

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Energy and Environmental Review: February 27, 2023

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