Endorsing Donald Trump for Re-election (American Energy Alliance on the record)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- August 20, 2020 3 Comments

“The U.S. is now world leader in both natural gas and oil production, and for the first time in nearly sixty years, we can claim net energy exporter status. This is energy dominance realized.” – AEA Endorsement

“The American Energy Alliance’s endorsement of President Trump’s re-election is a testament to the Trump Administration’s historic actions to secure more prosperity for American families and businesses through pro-energy policy reforms.” (Trump/Pence Re-election Campaign)

Never has a U.S. President encountered such intellectual disdain and political bias toward consumer-chosen, taxpayer-neutral natural gas, oil, and coal–the mineral energies required by modern life. And never has a U.S. President pushed back in both rhetoric and action.

That president is Donald Trump, who easily goes down as the most free-market-oriented leader in energy history, easily beating out Ronald Reagan in his two terms.

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Trump RNC Speech: Energy Excerpts

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- September 3, 2020 2 Comments

“[Joe] Biden has promised to abolish the production of American oil, coal, shale and natural gas, laying waste to the economies of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Colorado and New Mexico….”

A full transcript of President Trump’s August 28, 2020, acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, nearly 6,000 words, is available here. His energy-related excerpts follow:

Days after taking office, we shocked the Washington establishment and withdrew from the last administration’s job-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership. I then immediately approved the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, ended the unfair and very costly Paris climate accord and secured, for the first time, American energy independence.

Biden has promised to abolish the production of American oil, coal, shale and natural gas, laying waste to the economies of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Colorado and New Mexico — destroying those states, absolutely destroying those states, and others.

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California Water Efficiency Standards: Peter Gleick vs. Trump

By -- August 10, 2020 5 Comments

“Is Trump right about the more-working-class-view that water efficient plumbing fixtures and appliances are unnecessary and costly?”

“If a household were to conserve 25 percent of its indoor water it would amount to 7/100ths (0.07) of one-acre-foot of total system water in a year; a mere drop in the bucket.”

At a December 6, 2019 White House meeting with the Small Business Roundtable, Donald Trump made the following remarks about “opening up” national standards for water efficient bathroom fixtures and appliances:

We’re using common sense.  We have a situation where we’re looking very strongly at sinks and showers and other elements of bathrooms where you turn the faucet on — in areas where there’s tremendous amounts of water, where the water rushes out to sea because you could never handle it — and you don’t get any water.  You turn on the faucet; you don’t get any water.  They take a shower and water comes dripping out.  It’s dripping out — very quietly dripping out.  People are flushing toilets 10 times, 15 times, as opposed to once.  They end up using more water.  So, EPA is looking at that very strongly, at my suggestion.

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Trump: “Restoring US Energy Dominance” (Excerpts from July 29, 2020 speech)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- August 3, 2020 No Comments

“To ensure we maintain this dominant position long into the future … my administration is announcing today that export authorizations for American liquefied natural gas can now be extended through the year 2050.”

“Today, I’m taking another bold action to support energy jobs in Texas. In a few moments, I will sign four critical permits, granting approval to vital pipeline and railway infrastructure on our nation’s border.”

Last week, President Trump got back on the energy trail (see previous energy-related talks here, here, here, here, and here) with a speech at Double Eagle Energy in Midland, Texas. Some highlights of his talk follow:

“Thanks to the hardworking citizens like you, the United States of America is now the number one energy superpower anywhere in the world.  So, congratulations.” 

“We’re here today to celebrate your incredible achievements.  We’re also here to send a clear message to the zealots, radicals, and extremists trying to shut down your industry and to make America subservient to foreign producers.  That won’t happen to this nation again.”

“It took a long time to be independent.  And as long as I’m your President, we will never let anyone put American energy out of business, which is what they’d like to do.”

“We will never again be reliant on hostile foreign suppliers.  We will defend your jobs and … America’s newfound energy independence.”

“Under the last administration, America’s energy industry was under relentless and unceasing attack….

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Trump: The State of the Union Address (climate unmentioned)

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Greenwash Not! President Trump to World Economic Forum (a Julian Simon moment ….)

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Trump on NEPA Reform (in his own words)

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Energy Progress: Trump Remarks at the New York Economic Club (November 12, 2019)

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Trump on the American Energy Revolution (9th Annual Shale Insight Conference, Pittsburgh)

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‘America’s Energy Dominance and Manufacturing Revival’ (Trump Remarks, August 13, 2019)

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