Andrew Dessler vs. The ‘a–hole’ World

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- August 25, 2021 4 Comments

“Hey assholes. We’ve been telling you for decades that this was going to happen if we didn’t reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You didn’t listen and now it’s all happening. We hope you’re happy. Enjoy the heatwaves, intense rainfall, sea level rise, ocean acidification, and many other things, you fucking morons.” (below)

It was supposed to be a funny. But really, it is a candid commentary of an agenda-driven, frustrated climate scientist/activist at a world that is (correctly) demoting rigid alarmism for realism.

Professor Andrew Dessler is the smartest guy in the climate room. He is, by his own account, hot headed. He says rude things about even the most polite of his scientific adversaries, not unlike his infamous cohort, Michael Mann. Dessler’s predictions are exaggerated, even falsified (here’s one on Texas weather from a decade ago).

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Authoritarian Andrew Dessler:”What the next president should say” (2008 for 2020)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- October 29, 2020 No Comments

“The truth is that there is no way to avoid the pain of high energy prices. There are no easy solutions, and no way for us to continue living as we have in the past. Changes are on the way. Deal with it.”

At MasterResource, we occasionally re-post old pieces by classical liberals on energy and the environment to show how timeless our insights are. And oppositely, we document the extremist statements (gaffes?) and falsified predictions of the Malthusians, particularly climate alarmists.

Back in June 2008, Texas A&M climate scientist/activist Andrew Dessler (the subject of numerous critical analyses here at MasterResource), published a short piece in Grist, “What the Next President Should Say.” That next president would be Barack Obama, who did say “electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket” from his cap-and-trade plan.

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Andrew Dessler: Leave Fracking Alone! (Joe Biden splits the climate alarmists)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- September 9, 2020 5 Comments

“Fracking is such a money-losing enterprise that it’s in the process of banning itself. Please stop applying a purity test about whether a candidate will ban it or not.”

It came as a surprise to see this climate alarmist extraordinaire (aka Angry Andy) demote fracking as a burning climate issue. What gives?!

The answer is Joe Biden, who recently reversed course to support fracking in such swing states as Ohio and Pennsylvania. Presumably Joe would want New York State to open itself up to this new drilling technology if asked by the media.

Well, banning fracking is a huge issue for climate activists in the United States.

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Andrew Dessler: Climate Alarmist as Energy Expert (Part II)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- May 28, 2020 12 Comments

“The popular climate discussion … looks at man as a destructive force for climate livability … because we use fossil fuels. In fact, the truth is the exact opposite; we don’t take a safe climate and make it dangerous; we take a dangerous climate and make it safe. High-energy civilization, not climate, is the driver of climate livability.” (Alex Epstein, The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, pp. 126–127).

The Houston Chronicle‘s favorite climate scientist, Andrew Dessler of Texas A&M’s Department of Atmospheric Sciences, a leading climate alarmist (see Part I yesterday) fancies himself as an energy and public policy expert. And so the Chronicle takes Dessler at face value well outside of his areas of expertise.

Dessler’s Latest

Here is Dessler’s latest Opinion piece for the Houston Chronicle, A Just Transition from Fracking to Renewable Energy is Possible [February 28, 2020] His op-ed (in yellow) is interspersed with my critical comments.

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Andrew Dessler: Climate Alarmist as Energy Expert (Part I)

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