Politico: Populist Backlash Against Climate Policy is Here

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- April 30, 2024 1 Comment

“The forced ‘energy transition’ is in trouble despite huge government commitments to wind, solar, batteries, and EVs. Each of the three fossil fuels is experiencing a global boom, and, as Politico reports, politicians are backing away from energy taxes in favor of the cheaper, reliable, convenient mass energies consumers demand.”

Uncompetitive energies need government, studies, and ceaseless PR. Competitive energies need free markets where consumers vote with their dollars and taxpayers are spared. Increasingly, the price verdicts of (not so) green energies are coming in, and the public is not happy.

This development is evident in a recent Politico article, Republicans are trying to snuff out climate embers around the country,” subtitled “Conservatives are aggressively targeting efforts to reduce carbon emissions across the continent.”

Co-authors Jordan Wolman, Marie French, and Zi-Ann Lum begin:

Conservatives are aggressively targeting efforts to reduce carbon emissions across the continent.

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Gunnar Schade: Another Bad Climate Apple at Texas A&M?

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- February 13, 2024 No Comments

“… there are plenty of climate science deniers here to vehemently argue for the defendants’ case [in Mann v. Steyn]…. It is profoundly saddening when you realize that the platform I am writing this on would most probably not remove these people’s posts in the form they were written had somebody reported them.” – Gunnar Schade

Readers at MasterResource already know about Andrew Dessler, chair professor in Texas A&M’s Department of Atmospheric Sciences, who morphs from scientist (his job) to biased, emotional advocacy. Lawyer-like, Dessler makes the best case for alarm rather than honestly considering other views and weaknesses in his argument. His emotional outbursts at his critics and utter distain at the general population (“assholes“) who reject his uber-Climate Alarmism marginalizes him outside of the Church of Climate.…

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Hurricanes 2023: Andrew Dessler’s Hollow Alarm

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- February 1, 2024 2 Comments

“… your argument appears to rely on the same tactic you disparage in others: ‘the selective emphasis of certain facts that bolster their stance’…. You omit the abundant and vital array of studies…. You’re also way out of date.” – Andy Revkin to Dessler (below)

Last summer/fall was supposed to be another hurricane season of note, according to climate scientist/alarmist/activist Andrew Dessler. On June 12, 2023, he wrote in “Climate change is making hurricanes more destructive” (Substack):

Because hurricanes are one of the big-ticket weather disasters that humanity has to face, climate misinformers spend a lot of effort muddying the waters on whether climate change is making hurricanes more damaging. With the official start to the 2023 hurricane season in the North Atlantic on June 1, I figured it was time to explain why we can be so confident that hurricanes are indeed more destructive today due to climate change….

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Bummed Joe Romm on Failed Climate Policy

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- January 29, 2024 1 Comment

“So, it seems the [COP 28] agreement establishes that we can ‘abate’ fossil fuel plant emissions to produce more fossil fuels. Does anything capture the Orwellian nature of this agreement better?”

“After eight years, not one of the top 10 greenhouse gas emitting countries has adopted ‘policies and action’ capable of meeting the Paris climate targets.” (Joe Romm, 12-20-2024)

Yes, Joe. The international crusade against carbon dioxide (CO2)–really affordable, reliable, storable, convenient energies–has been a failure. The futile crusade is now in its 36th year with 28 annual COP meetings come-and-gone. Fossil fuels are presently in a tripartite boom with no end in sight.

This reality is an open secret that the Climate PR Complex does not want people to know. Meanwhile, every day of fossil fuel dominance makes a reversal of atmospheric CO2 less and less feasible.…

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Whitewash on Display: Gaygate 2023, Climategate 2009

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Some Climategate Recollections (14th Anniversary)

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“Climate Emergency!” says Andrew Dessler (old vinegar in a new bottle)

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Alaska Energy vs. Woke Government

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Tomlinson’s Narrative on the (Wounded) Texas Grid: More Misdirection from the Houston Chronicle

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Air Conditioning: Thank You Fossil Fuels

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