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When Did They Know? Industrial Wind on the Health Firing Line

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- January 20, 2022

“It seems that, in common with the tobacco industry, the wind industry was well aware that its products were inimical to health. The introduction of larger turbines is also problematic because the larger the turbines, the more noise they produce.” (- Alun Evans, Centre for Public Health, The Queen’s University of Belfast, below)

Yesterday’s post presented a peer-reviewed article concluding that industrial wind turbines generate negative health effects for nearby residents: “Wind turbines and adverse health effects: Applying Bradford Hill’s criteria for causation (by Anne Dumbrille, Robert McMurtry, and Carmen Krogh).

That article inspired an editorial in the same journal by Alun Evans of the Centre for Public Health, The Queen’s University of Belfast, Institute of Clinical Science B, Belfast, United Kingdom.


Evans’s editorial, ‘Big noises: Tobacco and Wind’ [Environmental Disease (2021) 6: pp.

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Industrial Wind Turbines: Negative Health Effects (more evidence)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- January 19, 2022

“The weight of evidence indicates occurrences of adverse health effects (AHEs) from living and working near industrial wind turbines (IWTs).”

“Based on our analysis of clinical, biological, and experimental evidence and its concordance with the nine [Bradford Hill] criteria, we conclude that there is a high probability that emissions from IWTs, including infrasound and [Low Frequency Noise], result in serious harm to health in susceptible individuals living and/or working in their proximity.”

A recent issue of Environmental Disease provides more evidence of the negative health effects of industrial wind turbines. It is common sense: audible noise and infrasound, vibrations, and flicker light are unwanted intrusions for those who live remotely to get away from industrialization.

Professional environmentalists must look the other way given that they have little supply-side strategy otherwise against consumer-preferred, taxpayer-neutral mineral energies. But at the grassroots, some farmers can get paid off, but friends are few.

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Solar: An Example of Grassroot Opposition

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- January 18, 2022

I recently came across an exchange between a proponent and opponent of the proposed Morgnec Road Solar LLC installation on the 400-acre Clark farm, located on Route 291 at the eastern border of Chestertown, Maryland. The rebuttal by Frank Lewis (to Pamela Reeder) is noteworthy, throwing punch after punch against the idea that solar has any advantage, just disadvantages.

The “Shared Letter to County Commissioners: Proposed Morgnec Solar Project” (September 24, 2021) follows:

Paula B. Reeder

With climate change-related issues becoming ever more acute, it is incumbent on all MD municipalities to support the State’s goal of having at least 50% of electric power used in the State generated by renewable power sources by 2030, with 14.5% of the total generated by solar power producers.

Achievement of this goal will require 6 times the amount of solar power generated by existing producers.  Of all existing renewable energy sources, solar power is the cleanest, most dependable, most environmentally friendly source available. 

Further, it is inexhaustible.  Implementation of the Morgnec Rd.

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Energy and Environmental Review: January 17, 2022

By -- January 17, 2022
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False Alarm: Today–and Back in the 1970s

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- January 15, 2022
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“Hansen vs. The World” (Richard Kerr on uncertain climate science in 1989)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- January 13, 2022
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Are Wind Opponents “Nazis”? (Dan Paris thinks so)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- January 12, 2022
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Kevon Martis Winning? Wind/Solar Targets His Message

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- January 11, 2022
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‘Black Activists Oppose Shutdown of Line 5 Pipeline’ (Project 21 vs. DeSmog re environmental justice)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- January 10, 2022
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Wind will be Competitive! (Secretary Chu from 2011)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- January 6, 2022
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